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In this video I will explain thebasics of search engineoptimization to you, so I will explain exactlyhow you can manage yourwebsite to address the most importantproblems of your target group, which theyare looking for month after month,as high up in the search results as possible so let’s go[ Music]welcome to the capital.deyoutube channel i’m the kevin i’m the coach for honest and
video i would like to show you, among otherthings, how i managed to getseveral thousand people to my website every monthand part of it becomes customers month after monthwithout having to take an advertising budget inhand or have to use any otherstrangestrategies no people find theirway because my content my blogger tgfor example and my websiteis optimized for search engines and thatallows me several thousand visitorsper month nat on my
first explain what issearch engine optimization,what does google pay attention to so that you have a goodchance ofappearing as high up as possible on google on the one hand yes what issearch engine optimization search engineoptimization actually means nothingelse than us want to optimize our website,our texts, our blog articles thatwe write so that they appearas high up in the googlesearch results as possible, that is, wetry to write texts that google
that is sometimes a bittricky to find this mixture between verygood readability and that googlelikes that the most important thing is always that you havethe aspect here on the pageand write for people becauseif people do not like a contentthen they do not stay long onyour website then close thewebsite again and become aNever visit the website again and in theend no one gets any benefit and that bringsus to the factors that
possible and to do this we have tokeep in mind what google wantsor how google could measurewhat google only there is a good website andthere are three four factors that are themost important factors on the basis of whichgoogle decides what is a goodwebsite and what is not and in thelast few years and months in the googlealgorithm a bit whatused to be enough if you hiswebsite simply locked with the keywords halter so then there was some of
key word fireworks, especially onlineshops have liked to do allsorts of terms every termcould somehow fit the term below onthe website clapped and zack one wasup page one first place on googlethat luckily doesn’t work anymorebecause that’s a gu tes sign for allpeople who want to create really good contentand really want to helppeople google now decides basedon the following factors whether youhate a good website and thus a
google or not thenumber one factors are the length ofstay on hiswebsite, if a websitevisitor comes to your site, it says howlong he stays on yourwebsite on average, the higher this value, themore google decides that must be agood website because of course ifa person is noticed on his website for a long timethisautomatically means that it has to be a goodwebsite because otherwise nobody will
your website second place how manyother pages the visitor clickson that meanssomeone might find your website acertain blog article about onebesti mmten topic left it completely andthen clicks, for example, on the aboutabout me page on your offer pageor joins otherarticles from your blog then thatis a very good sign for googlethat you have to have a good website becauseif the one article like that It was good that he
your website on parentsautomatically increases the length of stayon your websitethen google saysthis is a great website and sonot only does the rank of thisarticleincrease, but also yourwhole website benefits from thisboost google wants aid a websiteis good people stay longand they also look at other pagesin third place or at least in
mobile loading time or even theloading time of a website that isso it is very important to say mobile first, it isoften called smartphones first thewebsite has to look good on smartphonesand, above all, it has toload quickly imagesplatforms and they are thenfive megabytes six megabytes sometimesten megabytes files andyou have 34 images on his websitethat means 40 50 megabytes ofimages have to be loaded and that takes a
as a small tip on the edgecompress your pictures it works, forexample with tiny pr.com it can onlyupload one picture that is then maybefive megabytes in size beforehand and then 500kilowatts so up to 90 percent thesize of the picture file is reduced without any visible loss ofquality in thepicture tip that isthe most common mistake and the dafür ensures that your loading time is reallylong and that is not good what afast loading time
such as the example of the factorbacklinks that are backlinks that arelinks from external websites toyour website these are themost important factors theydecide how googlefinds your website and that decides howfar up your blog articles can get yourwebsite in thesearch results yes howdo you manage to use these factors welli have already said a few timesnow on the one hand with very
even want to spend a long time onyour since and then there are ofcourse a few technical and on-page SEO optimization that youcan do that means you have to doa so-called keywordresearch first, of course, before youwrite an article think about theoverriding topic to practice r that would like towrite or what youalso treat with your servicesin my specific example nowif we think as online marketing
for this video herewould be search engine optimization, so seo search engine optimization that is what it stands for that would be that superordinate topic andthen of course I alsothought about what people couldenter on google for this video to find help on thetopic I have justcovered and thenI used a tool, for example, it isfree or can be used free of charge witha limited one frame butthat actually has everything youneed about suggest ice that Isometimes fade in the link there I
firstentered search engine optimization as an umbrella term and then itspits out a fewresults and what people say about this topic onlineat google for example search and thentry Hey, I have to touch agood search volume andlook for people and based on that I have,for example, adapted the title of this videohere and the same applies ofcourse to articles that you writewhen you write the article youfirst research the overarching
look for people and when you have found the termlike being searched a few hundred timesor maybe even a fewthousand then you look what exactly is theso-called keyword, i.e. this phrasethat is entered on google andyou take it and grab it be in the title ofyour article and thenyou also pack yourself into the meta description that iscalled purely that is it soif you are looking for something on google then youhave the blue title and under it in graybut a kind of subtitle that is
put this search phase in there tooand then made sure that in the firstparagraph of his blog article search phase tooOccurs then inthe subheadings in the articlethe search term from time to timeand of course in the article text itselfit is called the keyword density whichshould be around two and a halfpercent so thetotal share of the search term in the completely writtenblog article should be even 22percent, but ideally 15 percent
sometimes completely sufficient, the now roughguide value, so these are specificthings you can do and then ofcourse pay attention when you use picturesarticle compresses the small filesize so that the article is loaded quicklymakes the article interesting theregoes It’s not just about thesetechnical seo aspects, it’s alsoabout small paragraphs, for example, people don’t like thatwhen it looks like a book, so peopleusually know the article first,
to the bottom and get an article firstthen decide whether they de n read ornot and if there are so huge paragraphblocks with text and there isno picture that makes it interesting in any waythen you willmost likely not read your article sowatch out for small paragraphswith subheadings with pictures inbetween, maybe even a videoand video in a blog article Of course, itensures a longer stay so thatit is good for you and your website again
tips that I want to give you with whichyou can provide is that yourblog articles have a better chance of gettingfar up on googlethat The most important thing here is actuallythe keyword research. Before youwrite the article, you have to find outexactly where you are looking for the targets and that works,for example, with hits as translated butonly on the subject of search engines aloneon the subject of keyword research I could doa two-hour webinar thatshould rather be being an overview of
what does google pay attention to and to decidewhich article whichwebsite gets high in the googlesearch results and a fewpractical tipsso that you have a good chance ofgetting as high as possible with your articleyes and then thewhole topic of search engine optimization canreally work really well andif you then implement the most diversestrategies of online marketingsuch as e-mail
if all of this plays together properly itwas a good website thatis optimized for winning customers then youcan really use search engine optimization on aregular basis who address perfectly perfectcustomers and keepreceiving customer inquiries without havingto pay a cent virginian and Ireally did that with my videos onyoutube that is also on youtube, thereis also search engine optimization,youtube is also egg n huge search engineI now have almost 16,000
do it really well so seo on your websitewith articles and then seo maybealso on youtube if youwant to make videos and then reallyoptimize seo then you don’t need a centTake your advertising budget in handto get customer inquiries from yourperfect target group month after month thatis what I have achieved that iswhat I always do for my customers itworks really great andis also a lot of fun I cantell you I’m building right now with my
there last week on fridayso seven days ago we uploaded the firstvideo in this new channeland the video has now almost 500 without uspushing it all the timecalls thechannel radszuhn 14 subscribers or thatwe did something for it exceptthe video seo to optimize so seeworks wonderfully for videos for articlesand even if you start from scratchyou just have to pay attention to whatthe people are looking for and then specifically provide
given here in the video andthen you can the whole topic ofsearch engine optimization work really ingeniouslythat was it for this video if youwant to get more videos of this kind thensubscribe to the channel here too, thereis a new video at least once a weekand then maybe we’ll see each otheragain here and whenyou would like to go deeper into the topic of online marketinghonest online marketing with thetrust marketing systemthere is also a free online
there you can register and thereare 74 minutes of much deeper tipslike here in this one video and thenI wish you a lot of fun maybewe’ll see you here again soon video or the one inonline training until then something good[music]yesdana[music]thenthere to hamburgyes

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