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today’s video i’m going to show youexactly how to rank on the first page ofgooglestep by step in fact i use this exactformula to rank on the first page ofgooglefor competitive keywords like linkbuilding toolsbacklinks and seo checklisti’m brian dean the founder of backlinkothe place where marketers turn forhigher rankingsand more traffic and if you want to rank
you’ll love the actionable steps in thisvideo keep watchingi have a confession to make i used tohate seo that’s mostly because my firstwebsite wouldn’t rankno matter what i did it was superfrustrating i hate uscoand to make matters worse i wasfollowing all the advice that i readfrom so-called seo expertscreate great content add keywords toyour page make sure that your site loadsfast
it’s not going to rocket your site tothe topof google’s first page and when irealized that i decided to run lots ofseo experiments i tested title tagsbacklinks anchor text internal linksand more and over the years i started toput the pieces togetherflash forward to today and i rank numberone in google for tons of competitivekeywordslike nofollow links and success magazinerecently called me
engine optimizationokay enough bragging now it’s time forme to reveal the process that you canuse to rank on the first page of googlestep by step so let’s kick things offwith step number onefind three keywords so your first stepis to findthree keywords these are keywords thatyou’ll createcontent around in the next step andhere’s exactly how to findgreat low competition keywords first
tool findsquestions that people ask on forumsblogs and on social mediaand it turns those questions intoawesome keywordsthe best part the keywords that you getfrom answer the public are usuallylong tail keywords in case you haven’theard of them before long tail keywordsare just keywordsthat are long and very specific forexample a keyword likeketo diet is a short tail keyword but
tail keywordeven though not a lot of people tend tosearch for long tail keywordsthey’re also not super competitive whichmakes them perfect keywords to go afterif you’re just starting out anothergreat way to find keywords is believe itor notreddit just head over to a subredditwhere your target audience hangs outand take a look at the topics thatpeople are talking aboutyou can even pop these topics and to
versions of these topicsfinally head over to explodingtopics.comthis is another free tool that bubblesup trending topics and industrieslike tech health fashion marketing andmore and because these topics arerelatively newthe keywords that people use to findinformation on themaren’t usually that competitive so onceyou have at least three keywords readyto goit’s time for step number two create
so i recently teamed up with buzzsumo toanalyze 912 million articlesand one of our most surprising findingswas that most content on the webdoesn’t get shared or linked to in factwe found that 94of all articles online have zerolinks zero and there’s a simple reasonfor thatmost of the content that people publishisn’t that great and if it’s not greatit’s gonna getlost among the millions of blog posts
and twitch streams that come out everyday so for your content to stand out itcan’t just be goodor even great for your content to besomething that someone else would wantto actually linkto it needs to be epic now there’s noformula forcreating epic content or else everyonewould do it but there are a few thingsyou can do to increase the odds thatpeople will shareand more importantly link to your
content that’s long and in-depth thebuzzsumo study that i mentioned earlieruncovered a little interesting nuggetand that nugget was that longer contentgetsmore links than short contentspecifically long-form content gets anaverage of77 more backlinks than short contentdoes this mean that publishing longercontent will automatically bring inthousands of linksof course not but publishing in-depth
in depth can increase the odds thatpeople link to youfor example this post for my blog is 4700 words longand because this post has everythingthere is to know about link building inone placeover a thousand different sites havelinked to it nextyou want to add a hook to your content ahook is something that would make ablogger or journalistwant to link to your content your hook
a case study example a unique strategy arare interviewa tool or widget or even a visualizationbasicallyanything that makes someone else say wowi need to link to thiscan work for example a few years ago ipublished this case studyof how i increased my blog’s conversionrate the hook in this casewas a specific case study that peoplecould referencei also wrote about a unique strategy in
called the content upgrade which wasanother hook and because my page wasn’tjusthigh quality content but includedseveral hookslots of people have linked to that postnow that your epic content is ready togoit’s time for step number three keywordoptimizeyour content on-page seo has changed alotover the last few years back in the day
stuffing your page with keywords butthat doesn’t really work anymoreinstead the goal of on-page seo todayis to give google context about whatyour pageis all about yes you still want to usekeywords on your page but you also needto help google understand your page’soverall topic here’s how to do it yourfirst step is to include your targetkeyword and a fewimportant places on your page that waygoogle can understand that your page is
that specific term specifically you wantto add your keywordto these areas of your pagenext it’s time to give google morecontext about your pageand the best way to do that lsi keywordslsi keywords are words and phrases thatare closely relatedto your target keyword put another waythey’re terms that tend to show upnext your keyword around the web forexample if your target keyword wasfresh prints lsi keywords would be terms
keywords on your pageit makes them say we’re confident thatthis pageis actually about that topic you canfind these lsi keywordsby searching for your keyword and thenscrolling to the bottom of the searchresultsthe bold suggested keywords here usuallymakegreat lsi keywords then sprinkle in afew of these lsi keywords on your pageand you’re good to go with that let’s
optimize your content for users back inthe day google would rank pages basedalmost a hundred percenton who had the most backlinks yesbacklinksare still important and i’ll show youexactly how to build backlinks in thenext step but to rank in google todaybacklinks aren’t enough your contentalso needs to be optimized for usersthat’s because google pays very closeattention to how peopleinteract with your site in the search
are clicking on your site and thenquickly heading back to googlethey’ll down rank you boring nextbut if they see users sticking on yourpage that’s a sign that you’re givinggoogle searcherswhat they want this is awesome andyou’ll usuallyget a rankings boost with that here’sexactly how to optimize your content forusersso they stay on your page firststructure your content so people start
asap in other words you don’t want tostart your post off with a longexplanation about why the topic isimportantthat’s only going to make people bounceinstead use a short intro then get rightinto the steps tipsrecipes workout plans or whatever you’regoing to coverin your post for example in this postfrom my blogi don’t get into a long back story aboutwhy seo
line introthen it’s time for the first strategynext make sure that your content’sdesignis on point studies show that peoplelargely judge your sitebased on design first and contentsecond so if your site looks like thisyou can expect a really high bounce ratenow that doesn’t mean that your siteneeds to winany design awards or look fancy in factin my experience a simple design
look at this postthere’s nothing remotely fancy about itbut it does have a clean designthat makes it easy to read and skimwhich leads us to our last stepstep number five build backlinks arebacklinks stillimportant for seo yeah in factproficient digitalhas been tracking the importance ofbacklinks over the lastthree years and they found that linksare basically just as important today
tracking them and if you follow thesteps so far bycreating epic content optimizing it forusers and adding hooksyou already have a strong foundation forbuilding backlinksit’s just a matter of getting yourcontent out there to actuallybuild those links and the best way to dothat broke inlink building in fact i used broken linkbuilding to get this linkfrom a super authoritative website
first find a broken link on a page thatyou want to get a link fromi personally use the helpful check mylinks extensionfor google chrome which is free itautomatically crawlsall the links on a page and ids brokenlinksnext you want to find a post on yoursite that will make a good replacementfor the dead link for example i recentlyfound a broken link on this page andafter looking through my site i found
replacement now it’s not a one-to-onematchto what the person linked to but it’sclose enough finally reach out to thepersonthat runs that site and ask them to swapout the dead linkfor a link to your content now for thisprocess you can definitely work with anemail script as you send these out but idefinitely don’t recommend sending outthe same generic emailto a hundred different people in fact an
pitchboxfound that personalized emails got 32percent more repliesthan emails that use the same exactpitch for everybodyfor example you can see that this brokenlink building email that i recently sentout is super personalized now before weclose out this seo tutoriali want to show you a quick bonus stepuseunique images can using stock photos onyour site
out they might the folks at rebootonlinerecently ran an interesting experimentthey created10 brand new websites all optimizedaround a keywordthat they made up for the experiments onfive of the sitesthey used five stock photos that werealready used on a bunch of otherwebsitesand for the other five they actuallytook their own images
uniqueso what did they find they discoveredthat the five websites that had uniqueimageswhich are the green lines in this chartyou see hereoutrank the sites that didn’t use uniqueimages which are the red lines from thechartso what’s the bottom line whenever youcan try to use unique imagesin your content these can be picturesthat you take with your phone or
or screenshots that you takeyourself as this study showed uniqueimages seem to havea direct impact on rankings did youlearn something new from today’s videoif so make sure to subscribe to myyoutube channel right nowjust click on the subscribe button belowthis video also if you want exclusiveseo techniques that i only share withsubscribershead over to and hop onthe newsletter
you which technique from today’s videoare you gonna try firstare you gonna try broken link buildingor are you gonna try addingunique images to your page let me knowby leaving a comment belowright now now from okay we don’t need aprothe hook here did i hurt youbut you also need to i think it’s theyeah that was like an action movie line

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