SEO-Monatsrückblick: Die wichtigsten SEO-News aus dem Oktober 2021!

good morningmarkus hövener here today with apremiere in the sis tricks channel, namelywith the museum monthly retrospect, therewill be monthly from now on, so todayname monthly retrospect and I hope thatthe new format will be well received by you ican already see everyone in theyoutube comments so it would ofcourse be super niceif you like it then please give usfeedback if you don’t like itplease also if you can do something
what i wanted to sayaltogether i brought you 19topics today and why do themWe are such a format, ofcourse, something always changes andit is of course important if youwant to play at the forefront of google and co thatyou also know what everything is actuallychanging as I said 19topics of this full screen andexactly that url is of it i haveat least already sent over to des tricksthat you hopefully get it
Packing in youtube descriptions with that would ofcourse be extremely helpful andI would like to take thisopportunity to say thankyoua lot of what ishappening out there, what between johnmüller from google says they can alsoprocessit, you can always read something, youalways like to type in theyoutube thing,but i would like to answer all of them at the
now instead of 19 seo updatesbefore or 19 exciting things and I’ll just start yes yes alsotopic one more thing maybe the proof thatwe are really up-to-date namely yes youcan see it on the 4th of novembergoogle had already announced that thepage speed topic also on desktop istaken into account so far only whiteon mobile devices and g ooglehad already announced and now theyhave said they will alsoroll it out on desktop that means in february it
end of march it will be through so wecan assume that on april firstwe will also have desktop thefull effectiveness of the page speed datais all relevant, Ialso checked out manyproperties in thegoogle search account on a trial basis to see ifthere werebig differences between mobileand desktop in the projects that I looked at Ilooked at it was usually notso that means I think that
but of course it would be good to havea look at such console report cowboysand just see whethereverything is in the green area on the desktoptopic number two there was an update of thequality ray guidelines and qualityguidelines are the actual documentwhat egg Sometimes google was internal forpeople who rate thesearch results on google, which is mainlyneeded for algorithm updates, of course, you have to sayquality guidelines an important
completely in train with the algorithm, ofcourse, but in the quality guidecountry he has a model in it andsometimes the algorithm follows thatfirst is definitely stillexciting to read in if you want to do thewhole thing can of coursejust put the old and the new documentsnext to each other and wouldprobably perish, but thereare the jennifers Was that with anunbelievable conscience everytime you can see it is an eternally
what was in the old document and what isnow in the new documentwould be very good preparationthat would like to do in depth can of coursethis working through the documentthere is a nice shortening namely numberthree from lilly who simplysaid again okay, what is all reallyfunny but what has reallyhappened now andif youwant to summarize it is actuallyactually this thing here
guidelines so thatmaybe little can begin what has happened inmy eyes is that onthe one hand you touched on the topic ofreputation management abit and saidreputation is important, but forexample not for all search resultsbecause sometimes there are of course and Ithink that’s us Everyone still knows ifwe have a small medium-sized companythat has no reputation that youcan read because only has his
no sense and I thinkwhat happened with these qualityguidelines that google has shownagain that you me say at the edges ofthe topicswant to be very conscientious so d heis religious topics, everything that is ofcourse hate speech and thatis currently the position exactly six channelsis of course a topic butI found that especially exciting I have toget exactly these two quotesfrom the quality guidelines so again
have difficult in the search results finecontent that can easily reviewed atwhiteley accepted sex and paragraph tabsarranges infekt service so basicallyeverything shortenedconspiracy theories you may nothave websites but you canalso see that it sometimes alsohits websites the borderlines are, forexample, those who are more in the field ofalternative healingmethods and they will of course havemore and more difficulties in the future because google of the
, i.e. what is soeasily verifiable, what is correct, that the mainstream thatwill still be easy insuchergebni ssen but again if you are onthe edge of the road it willdefinitely not get easier it isnot easy now, but ithas been improvedand of course that also shows thatgoogle sees the problem of this topic numberfour I show you the best times theheading continuous scrolling has changed something at mobiel what
on the way then know yes 17search results you clicked on itthen came the next 10 thatis now no longer so when you get down therewill be thenext one 10 loaded and that can ofcourse theoretically leadto, for example, the secondsearch results page being called up more frequently, so it is logical that there arenow slightly changed figures in the search console report services, forexample for the
keep rolling through the second pagethat is definitely not there sobasicallymakes sense the update it still appliesthe typical counting method ofgoogle so impressions and sothat everything is counted the same thateverything is always reloaded in blocks of tenbefore were clicks necessary for this nownot more so it shouldn’tbring any changes if, however, what seesthen it could be dueto another change in the
playing around with it for a few days and weeksand now it has been rolledout, namely the so-calledincentive results you can see that herewith the spirit halloweenif two consecutivesearch results or it can also be threeor four but typically it wouldbe two if two consecutivesearch results from the samedomain com as here spirit halloweenthen the second or third fourthfifth is indented in dante’s
dars at first position issue also here itseems to be that it has no effecton the click rate it shouldsimply represent the affiliation againand theonly important thing is the note that youshould not confuse this with thesesitelinks that you see hereagain also similar from theyare of course also in dente they arealso indented but what else, aboveall, they are in two columns in thedesktop view and
in dead on the left are just acracksonow i actually come tourls number six and seven thatactually comes from the same kitchen ifyou likeand there was the title update fromgoogle and you have now added two moredocuments, namely thisone to the title and then also to themeta description, I’ll come in a moment in thenext again to where it
and especially in whichfä llen and there is the official numberin 87 percent of the cases nowthe title is simply taken over asyou delivered it in 13 percent ofthe cases google rewrites it somehowand what are typical cases that googlesees of course welland Here you can already see when youlook at it, it is often thingslike that the title doesn’t fit or thekeyword listing isinexpensive we can get inexpensive
would be done anyway, but there are definitelysites that do that so rather withnouns with synonyms, for exampleif that is worth too much abc thatgoogle then quasi simplythrows it awayyes exactly those are the very typicalcasesand of course just a littlebit blabla of the pagetitle occurrences prosa that google is justbasically trying, of course,just one very concise, compact
page title to deliver that The samedocument is also available for the metadescription, there are casesthat prevent the wholething from being taken over, but I found onepiece of information particularly interesting because it is still a nice free letter, namely generatedescriptions programmatically and thatis still not enough in my eyesmade so here it says yes, assumingyou have a shop with 100,000 productsthen of course you can write 100 1000 meterdescriptions whichwould be pretty crazy
some kind of mechanismto generate the automatic and heregoogle says again that is for We arecompletely okayas long as everything that results from it is ofcourse not so and easy toread and they should differ from each other, so what is actuallycommon practice with some largewebsite operators, there wasnow the free letter that you can do thatlike to do so and it’s nicethat google That explained
there was a title update that meansthe title has now changed a bit.You can dosome research on sistrix if thetitle of the page and the title showndo not match or where it haschanged has and a meta description, google has not changed anything tothis algorithm for itand still nice that google hasonce again provided the informationhere again what I think therewe are url number eight if I have
in the search consulting report cardFurthermore, it is so that youcan click on a url so thengoogle says which metrics you violate,for example, lcp is so big andthen you look at the wellsthat this metric does not meetandthen you can click on the url andshows google the relatedurls so quasi google tries to find urls thathave the same problemtypically it is so that pages of
so if oneproduct detail page is slow it isusually the others too, andaggregated information is now also displayed for this cluster, whichI think is a very nicehelp that you can just see again inthis cluster what is actuallygoing wrong soplease come injanuary 9 I think it’s super excitingagain about the topic of page speed becausethere was something newso at the moment it is so there is
connect that means I can say in the html codeif resources are loaded from very specificsources thenplease prefer these sources orstart to connectand that makes perfectbut you can because they are justspecify a source with connect and cansay okay everything that comes of it you havealready established a connection butr if he loads 50 of them you can’t say which of them is actuallyimportant and what is rather unimportant because
what can be loaded and there itis so that there is now an attribute fortest purposes that one a link imagescript or iframe can be attached to itto say what is the relevancefor example the css file which shouldbe loaded first and there youcan now write importancelike high and low the whole thing will only come inchrome 96and It’s also experimental,but whoever of you is a page speedfetishist should definitely
build in these attributesInthe course ofbrowser development, different browsers had differentstandards, this isnow repeated a bit on the other sideyou have to say in chrome it ismeasured how fast the website is andthat is why it is of course completely okay for those who are onthe pragmatic side ofcourse thenthe next url will usually notaffect you but there are only new
if there are pictures are from people under18 years of age then you can havethem removed from google in the future, but this really only affects thepicture and that does not affect the page inwhich the picture is integrated that meansit is of course stillrecommended if there are pictures ofyour children or somewhere Appear in such a way thatyou can of course find your way to the websiteoperator and have the page takendown. There is then a form sothat you can use it
you have prepared, namely areference to how the image searchactually works worksand a nice nice statement herethat google has made clear again forthe image search, we don’treally care what is shown in theimage so we can’t really recognize that there are a fewexceptional cases or perhaps hintsthat it is in a very specificdirection but basicallythe context of the page and of
picture pay, but there is almost veryprobably nomagical image recognition behind it at the moment, which ifyou are still looking for a blue carpet shouldreally only sort out blue areasif you are on your websiteyou have a red carpet but you keepsaying that the blue one isvery likely you can also thinkthat everyone can expect thatthese games will change again here willbe another new thing index aninitiative by microsoft and yandex which
ic wants to have stood up h anyway exciting sothis is about what youactually did earlier, namelyurls together so I have made anew page and I havechanged it and I want to index thething and yandex that now very quicklyand very soon there was once soit was with forms for thatgoogle set it up relatively quicklyand via the bing webmaster tools, forexample, you can still find huge amounts ofurls in the rheinischen index
from bing so obviously thetopic is very important and now you have createda new ap thatworks incredibly easily where Ican transfer specific urls with a verysimple mechanism that Ihave to set up once to thingsI don’t have to attach it andtransfer it to the network, but when I sayno, the other person takes care of the transfer forthat it is also transferred to thosein the otherwhen things are of a higher magnitude Share of shares in
be a more exciting topic, but I cancertainly imagine thatthis mechanism is of course still usedby some and especially ofcourse if you have very large websitesthen you can of courseimplement it very efficiently, it is not a complicated apand so hopefullyachieve very good results so the defenseworked i think it’sexciting so next message in thesearch console something has changed again
improvements and there it is so that it isfor everyone like that from googlehow product or event is supported isthere in its own reportyou will of course only see the report if you have implemented the make-up on your websitethat means you do not see anything fromreports but depending on what you haveyourself and there are botherrors and also warnings and there was anerror message and the h at googlenow much betterprepared so e.g. add
but you have written a text in acertain field then it issaid exactly that so very nice update inmy eyes really helps that theaverage website operator hasto understand what it’s actuallygoing on so take a look at thesearch console while you arejacked up something new or different,but what exactly is the search analyticsip, so quasi the mpi research council,which can now do what thesearch console already can For some time
now that means whoever uses the apishould definitelyread it once and otherwise of courseka nn of course you expectthat there is now supportthat of course various seo tools willnow follow suit and often the coverand news data will be accessed in this way,so the fourthcalculation and counting straight through wherewe are not under 14 or somethingyou will find here I have
so mag ab is a relevant topic andthere are quite a few nice marketsfor certain content formats such as how tohero and page and there are also specialannouncements does you actually needmore but not auto and here and it is ofcourse exciting and thedefinition of the mark has changedbecause the requirements have actually beenscrewed back there is always thedistinction betweenrequire properties i.e. attributes thatI have to deliver and all attributes
removed, sothe description of the car has now been dropped len becausegoogle obviously uses them in a similar waythat is quite nice at first, thatmeans for some of us whostill want to implement this brand it hasnow become easier to implement the make-upyes so much there youstill have exactly nice clarification fromgoogle Interestinglyenough, I also had the question this weekand that’s why it is an exciting topic calledsearch and end, that Google
that there are transactional, that there isinformation,there are also some that are in severalbuckets but typicallya search term If a search intent isassigned to you, you can of course look at it withyourself, but hopefully all of them andhere was the hint that thisdetermination ofwhat a page isreally on the page level, thatis, a relevant topic for shop operatorsbecause the both
product as au ch information eels pagesas well as in the block magazine advisor andimportant is of course you can quasiwith a shop you can of coursestill search intense for bothbut with the right page sotransactional search terms covered withshop pages from information eale withblock magazine advisor as wellthe thing is citizen so niceclarification again it was clearand again a niceclarification that the price of products in google can be deducted
product brand or the victimmark is not a ranking factor in theweb search in the product search certainlydifferent but definitely not in the web searchthat means that expensive productshave almost the same chance ofranking as cheap products doesnot mean that the click rate is the same justbecause whoever has built in the make-upthen the price is usually also in thesearch result Of course,a pack of screws would cost 99 eurosde I don’t click on it
course it can be a click factor,so please always payattention so then I have two more thingsand that is a nice case studywhich I found very interestingthe SEO arguing yes, you like to discuss the topic ofpackaging and you alsolike to argue whether the topic is relevant at allandsome songs are a bit more criticalcomponents pages so patinatedpages open a rubric like twomaybe three four for
few pages in google have an index in thereand we don’t want to flood the indexwith patinated pages and it is very muchappreciated whenKate pulls out your case studies I’ll showyou the result at the bottom,so here you can see again they hada lot of component pages Ithink that’s completely pointless todo something but sometimes there is noother way and[music]ha There was also an incredible number of them in the
and you could reallysee at least nothing negative about organic visibility in the last two yearsnow you can of course say howgood the visibility could be if thenot these components I personally would haveseen the topic but alsovery relaxed, so I found thiscase study actually quite good, ofcourse, it really doesn’t say anythingbecause you don’t know the alternativebut basically it is at leastfirst so that you can say if you havemany component pages in the index
that you will be devalued because hereis at least one clear case wherethis is not the case, by the way, whoeveris at the seokomm the week after next, I will also talk about the topic andthen I come to the last topic, thefree state of technical report for this purpose, 870 professional interviews wt andthen 17 female experts whogive a few more statements on this, alot of surveys,so a lot of individual topics, everythingabout the technical topic,
or that it is the thing around the worldbecause sometimes tool manufacturers are at thetop where I think That would not cover theGerman reality completelybut yes it is also worldwide andI do not think that anything wassaid about how the globaldistribution was at all, it may be that noGerman has collaborated whichshould explain some thingsotherwise I can really tell you I onlyrecommend that you workthrough it completely and
I just found it that someplatforms are stillrated, for example, magento was viewedas very negative or awaythat is actually quite interesting at firstrather that theysay I would do SEO as a technician I would liketo change the platform more and easilyor I would like you to bemore friendly as the boss, of course, that isrelatively difficult sometimesto find out so many interesting questionsso whoever is so noble home
again andhe might get a picture ofwhere you stand and where theothers standthat was 7pm as I said Ihope that the time will still find its way downinto the youtube description Iwould still have time for questions so if IhaveI’ve seen a lot of tomorrow’s greetings here, of course I’m happy there too,greetings tosalzburg düsseldorf hamburg hannovergreece switzerland
armin rüstig if there are still questions aboutwho is the righttime to ask because theni would happy to answer,but at the moment at least I don’tsee anything coming inso I’ll just wait ch just asecond who has what as I said morethan happy I think the most importantmessage or what is the most importantbut where you really have todeal with is thequality reiter guidelines, so if you
definitely read them once we just haveto see what kind of bulkydocument really is and ofcoursethe whole topic of page speed because you canalready tell that a lot is happening and especiallyif it is now rolled out on desktopit can have moreeffects andjohanne therefore I notice that noquestions come upexcept for the armenian class format yeswe would like more of it yes we are trying
next time is the thirddecember 11:30 am it is this time butwe yes we strive I hopethat for every thing was there, startingtomorrow, I’ll be researching theinternet again for you what I do everyday to look anyway n what’s new ihope that a lot of good things will be addedso 20 news are typicallyconsidered relevant for me every monthso obviouslythere are no more questions that means iwould now return to the director and
that you all get it Have a good weekendand of course hope that we will see each other at theconferences now obviouslytake place so omd nextweek in mainz who does not have a ticketbuy buy buy andseokomm knows exactly there is of course ahybrid event whowants to be there can do the whole thing So you can alsostream comfortably home to the koma-free home officeokay, well in this sense that shouldcertainly say I wish youa good week until then

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