SEO news: Google is rewriting titles

There is this thing about google rewriting title scan you take us through what happened here uh johnner yeah I’ll start by taking a step back because I want to talk about meta descriptions first so for years google has sometimes changed your meta description so you’ll use the yoast seo plugin for example to write a nice meta description how you want to describe your page and show it preview it and then google changes it to something else.
Think they can match it better for the user they think they understand the content better all good reasons and that’s fine they’ve started doing it for title tags or at least something very similar so you will craft your title tag this is my product page this is blue widgets this is my service page we have these opening hours whatever else you’re putting inyour nice shiny title tags in the hopes that they show up in the search resultsand google’s changing them.
Way as the meta descriptions and making it better maybe we’d be okay with that however in a lot of cases they are making quite politely making quite a big mess of It and you can see in the example here if you searched for Joe Biden as recently as last week the top results that I passed aside from those news pieces said vice president and that’s the actual page title for that page wasn’t that at all it said president or the united stand whatever.
Because they thought they could do a better job to vice president and obviously that’s a massive issue when it comes to reliability reputation legal aspects in some things like the pharmaceutical sector or gambling sectors or legal sectors if google is changing the wording on how these pages and brands are representing themselves  the products they sell this is really concerning again if they were doing a really good job of this it wouldn’t necessarily be a huge problem but
there’s no way to control it and they’re not doing a great job in many cases it’s a bit all over the place and the whole seo industry is up in arms it is a mess.

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