SEO news webinar | June 2021

it is my great pleasure today tointroduce to you the two experts ontoday’s showtogether they are responsible for makingdecisions that impactmillions and millions of people aroundthe weblet me start with jono the infamous jonoaldersonsome know him as the afonte iblo of seobut he’s most widely known and regardedfor his skills in digital marketingand at joe’s everyone knows that jono is
data datatechnical seo and renting[Laughter]and then we have yoast our second expertfor today and he doesn’t really need anintroduction butsince this is my only job today i’llstill introduce himas a world-leading seo expert yostervolk needed functionality on hiswordpress siteand wordpress didn’t offer it so hecreated the plugin
grewyoast founded yoast you see howconfusing this is rightand eventually renamed to plug-in toyoast seoand what started alone at this attic isnow a company with over 150 employeesand a main product that’s running onalmost 12million sites and as the lead seo expertand chief product officer at yoastnot a day goes by the ghost doesn’t bothlearn
adoplease put your digital hands togetherfor yoastand jono wowwow yeah thank you taco they get betterevery weekthat’s that’s impressive it’s always sofunny that he does that and then goesoff screenand just gets to run away before we cando him yeah one dayyeah yeah i want to say one thing beforewe get started
dutch guys doing a webinar together wellthat’s almost true we’re slightly morediverse than thatbecause jono’s not actually dutch thisis true secret imposterpretending to be dutch but now i’mcomfortably i say comfortably englishstroke british stroke europeandepending on where you sit on thepolitical spectrum yeahanyway um we’ve got a lot to cover whichissomething i say every month um but here
um we’re starting with some industrynews that is honestlysad um we lost someone in our communityrush jones whohas been at moz for a long timeum i’ve honestly never had the pleasureof meeting him but he died quitesuddenly you did meet him didn’t youjonahyeah and if you’re not familiar forthose of you in the audience russ was areally big name in the seo industry fora long time
moz’s data science team he was reallyinfluentialin their domain authority metric whichi’m sure many of you have come acrossit’s very easy to forget that all thesetechnologies and all of this stuff ispowered bysmart human beings and this was umone of the best of us and yeah he diedreally suddenly it’s really sadum it’s worth going and reading thispost on just to get a feel forhow significant he was and how much of a
um so yeah it’s really sad but wethought we’d best umbest cover that because it’s um he’sgoing to leave a gapyeah it is sad for the moss team as welltheystill need to take no you lose someonethat you’re working with every day whichmust be a shock but it’s alsojust a mind that you’re losing that’sjust incredibly sadhe leaves a wife and three daughters ithink which is
um and with thatand i’m sorry for saying it we’re goingto go to google newswhich is slightly more annoyingbut in very different waysum we’ve had a lot of updatesuh yeahjust i mean i was this is shockingyeah so we touch on this every timethere’s a big update and we sayyou shouldn’t need to panic nothingshould really change however these arebecoming more frequent and in fact this
two of what what they call um broad coreupdatesso google release hundreds of smallupdates all the time they’re quite oftensettled in a daylike there’s constant minor minor fluxbut then the other side there’s thesebignamed updates which are big overhauls tothe whole ecosystem and they are usuallya combination ofbig improvements to their machinelearning capabilities big enhancements
quality and so on um we don’t reallyknow the detailsum but we know that some sites will winsome sites will losewe do know that this set in particularlook to be focusingon um spam on really umreally refining how they identify anddetectand prevent spam from turning up in thesearch engines at scalewhich i’m sure if everyone here is greatnews none of you are producing spammy
doing great content marketingso here’s to google cleaning up theindex and making a better web but yeahthe volume and scale of these iscertainly looking like it’s increasingyeah and in many ways that’s probablygood as well but itit drives me nuts every time they putout an article saying hey we’ve donethis update and thenoh there we go again the entire industryis going to look at blog posts aboutwhat’s changed for the next few weeks
and to be honest not all that much thatmuch usually changes other than for afewfew sites that get kicked up or downum yeah danny wrote a whole piece on whyupdates are importantit’s funny yeah danny used to be on theother sidesaying hey you should communicate moreabout thisyes a bit a little bit umtongue-in-cheek isn’t it so there’s ithink it’s at
coming back to which is really usefulwhere he outlines an analogy ofif in 2015 you wrote a list of the besthundred moviesyou might revisit that list in 2021 andthat list will changeand not because necessarily any of themovies got worse but because there arenew moviesand our interpretation of all the movieshas changed and maybesome that we missed have come to theforefront and that’s exactly how these
is they’re just kind of re-evaluatingthat whole setand you can rise or fall not because ifyou did anything wrong but because thestuff around you changes and the listitself changesand that’s really what’s going on hereso yeah if you’ve moved because of thisthese board updateswhich maybe you have a bit up or downit’s not necessarily because you’redoing anything wrong but the takeawayremains the same which is
help your users and maybe you’ll behigher in the next evaluationyeah so i’ve been saying this for like adecade nowbut the usual answer to how do i rankbetter is bybeing the best resultso it’s not harder than that and it’salso not simplerthan that um they’ve also updated thepage explorer and the page experienceupdateyes which we’ve been sat waiting on for
been delayed a few times this is themfinally starting to incorporateum your core vital scores intothe core ranking algorithm so if yourpage is very very slowand your competitors pages are less slowyou might find that that’s one of thethings that contributes to you fallingbehind themand conversely if your pages are veryvery fast and the rest of yourcompetitors are not on top of ityou might get a leap ahead so it’s worth
for a whilethis is a gradual process that they’reincorporating but it’s it’s not going tobecome any less importantso if you haven’t started looking atthis already definitely now is the timeand we go further and thenthey gave us this great looking thingthat actually looks a lot better onmobile than it does on desktopyes this is really nice so we’ve ifyou’ve beenchecking in these webinars for a while
site kit plug-in in wordpress whichwe’ve had access to for a while whichyou all haveum it’s a plugin made by google whichbrings bits of google analyticsbits of search console bits of pagespeed insight all of google’s tools andmetrics into one placeit’s been really good that’s what thisis but in the search results and viaemailit’s a really nice new piece of kitthat’s kind of attached to google
overview ofhow well am i attracting traffic fromsearch what kinds of keywords what kindsof pagesand pulls in data from google analyticsto say okay well this one’s gota higher than average bounce rate forexample or good dwell timeso actually frustratingly not dissimilarto the kind of data we used to getgoogle analytics way back once upon atime when we had keyword dataand we’re only now just starting to get
yeah this is really nice but um i thinkit’s um it’s not radically dissimilar towhat we’ve already had in google sitekitnow yeah as usual when you’re onwordpress you’re ahead of the packthere’s the story umokay so we had moreum this is interesting right yeah theyare featuringauthors yesi think this is um it may be one ofthose things that just doesn’t go
i’m quite excited about this i reallyhope it’s a big deal so once upon a timegoogle gave us markup and code where wecould which we could use to saythis is the author of this article thisis john smith who wrote this article andhere is his image and here is hisbiographyand the whole seo industry got very veryexcited because that meant we could dothings likequantify expertise and tie togetherauthors across multiple sites and it was
encouraged lots of people to reallyfocuson how do i demonstrate that my contentis written by an expertand then google took it away and it allstopped and it all went away but nowa form of it is back so yeah when you’researching specificallyin the kind of news space they’re reallyprominently shining a spotlight onwho is the journalist who is the authorwho wrote this articleand what other stuff they’ve written
and when if you again if you’ve listenedto us talk about this beforeyou’ll have heard us talk about howimportant these concepts of expertiseauthority and trust or eat are which wetalk about a lotum this is really more evidence thatsuggests that google is really lookingat this they really want to understandwas this article written by an expert isthat expert trustworthywhat’s their background what’s theirexpertise where did they go to
can take that and use it tosurface that and demonstrate thatcontent is trustworthy this is reallyimpactful yeah ii really really like this umand yeah i’m very curious how this willend up andwhat this means in the long run it doesmeansomething for who should the author ofan article and how important that isum so ghost writing will probably end uptaking a bit more of
questions popping about why does thisshow up this is when you’re googling thename of the author but i would hope thatit might extend also to when you’relooking at thetitles of their articles or even thepublications they work forit wouldn’t surprise me if they createrich carousels for that sort of thingyeah and it might not show everywhereyet so if you’re inuh europe um you might want to addampersand
um because then you get they show youthe query as though you’rein the us um but yeah that so thatadding that to the url would wouldchange it um but we’ll see i’mi’m curious where this where this goesto and was quite excited to see it rollout actuallyyeah umgoogle is trying to give us morefeatures to show what your businessoffers and i kind of like this it’sslowly going in the direction of
business directory yes umwhich is also weird because there arebusiness directories out there thatalready do this quite wellthere are but they make money that maybegoogle would prefer to be making rightyeah this coming out in the week afterthumbtack in the us got a huge newvaluationfor doing something not too dissimilarfrom thisum is a bit weird perhaps but yeahgoogle is definitely
seems likeyes and i know there’s a whole bunch ofumsmart seos and to name one greg giffordwho is big in the localseo space has been saying for years thatyou really ought to start thinking aboutyour google my business profile in thesame way you think about your home pagethis is the first place where peopleencounter your business and maybe makedecisions based onimages or reviews or opening times
more and more of that kind of utilitycontentlike reference information into theseprofilesand there’s loads of new tools here thatyou can really fill out beyond justcategories and imagesum nobody’s ever see very few businessestake advantage of it but there’s afeature they call posts where you canpost mini updateslike a blog post or a tweet on your mybusiness profile which turns up in this
so you can do things like we’ve got aspecial offer on at the moment orsorry we’re currently closed because ofkirby’s or whatever and you canreally look topical and engaged and ontop of it which can have a huge impactso if you’re running a local businessthat has opening hours and products andthat sort of thingum really invest more time in managingthis informationit’s only going to get richer only goingto get more sophisticated i think we
metrics hereso you can quantify the business impactthere’s loads going on hereyeah it is super helpful and i thinkum well if you are a local business thenthis is definitely the place where youstart optimizing for everything nowokay um google has updated page speedthis is more your areajenna what have they done sure so umwe’ve talked about core web vitalsmetrics andthe how they work and why they’re
using those as a ranking factorthe thing here is that those metrics thecore vital metricsaren’t a fixed thing they change andevolve over time they’re beingconstantly improved so measuring thespeed of a page we’ve talked aboutit’s quite complex technically and as anidea like what does speed meanso all of these things are a work inprogress um version 8 of lighthousewhich is thekit which powers all of this has just
measuresit changes how some of the things aremeasured and it changes the relativeimportance of some of those thingsso everybody’s scores have just changedand some will get better and some willget worseand that is the game it’s the sameargument as the google core webthe core broad algorithm updates theymade a listtime passed they made a new list withsome new criteria and the list is
and it’s the same problem so um what doyou do about thisyou need to think about your speed andperformanceas something you constantly work on overtime and constantlyevaluate and you need processes to dothat in the same way that seo isn’tsomething you do once and completenor is performance this is a livingbreathing thing that you need to bemanaging and earning it’s exactly thesame challenge
continue to morph and get moreum more bitty over timeyeah it it it is sort ofblack foodie magic though yeah andtest and retest and evaluate and theschools will change and test and spotthings that it says are now slow andmake them fasteryeah thank you all in the comments yeahtest test testyeah well yeah test test test isdefinitely what you shouldremember and also don’t get hung up on
um because the number might change onyour nextpage load yeah umyeah it’s sad but it’s the truthum so last time we announced google’sshoppingintegrations into shopify and then uhwe meant we already discussed like yeahthey’ll probably do this for moreand lo and behold within a few days didityeah this is really big you can see inthe image
somebody searching for a productfinding um a productsresult on google pressing it getting amodel where they choose how and wherethey buy it from and buying itdirectly through google via shop paywhich we’ll come on toum without ever visiting the vendorwebsite um i think that’s a big deal ina whole bunch of ways oneis it’s the same as the local stuff isit maybeall of this is your storefront and that
people will use and convert in googlewithout ever getting to your site yoursite is still really importantyour site is where your marketing andyour content and your storytelling livesit is your database it is your source oftruth it is your central hubbut where people interact with that sortof thing and that contentmight be over there and over there andthen what’s happening woocommerce andall these other places and bits ofsurfaces and we have to really be making
your websites feed this that we’recompliant compatibleum because if your competitors are inthis space you can see how seamless thisisby the time you’re trying to fight tocompete to get these users to get toyour website you’ve probably alreadymissed the boat and they’ve probablyalready bought the thingso it’s really important to be on top ofthese formats and this is powered byif you’re using woocommerce it’s powered
um if you’re retailing go get an accountum it’s really really important to makesure that you’re tying into thatproperlyyeah it is it is shocking at the sametime i do want to highlight that nobodybuysproducts like this no if it’s not aregular purchasei mean this works for your groceries orthe stuff that you buy every month butfor stuff that peopleresearched there is a research phase
um that your website is still hugelyimportant inyeah but yeah this is for day-to-daypurchasesif i could buy my toilet paper like thisin an easy way i probably wouldyeah certainly for that kind of justcommoditized stuff you really are nowjust competing on priceor delivery but you’re right foranything where users want to think orwhether they don’t know what thespecific solution is they’re going to
multiple devices over multiple sessionsover multiple keywords and seo is themedium we’re going to use to influencewhat they do next which meansmaybe we need to stop thinking quite somuch as about seo as a conversionchannel and uh something with adirect roi and think about it more as abrand channelwhere we’re influencing what people seeand how they thinkwhich in turn influences how they buylater down the stream
these are well interesting times i’mlooking forward to seeing where thisgoesit’s so very weird to see shop pay theirstraight in the search results uh yeahthere’s a lot of things thatwe that have implications beyond justtheclear ones that you see anyway um ifthis is something you’re interested indorealize that we have a woocommerce seoplug-in as well this is the
that we can keep on doing this webinarso please uh buy some stuffnice but in all seriousness like this isthe big announcement was they’veintegrated into woocommerce and if youwant your yoast seo to work with yourwoocommerce nicelythat is the product that stitches it andit’s also worth noting this isn’t a plugit’s just really freaking awesomeif you have google merchant center setup that will thenstart reading the schema output on your
and using that to update the stockinventory the price information etcall of which is output by yoast so thesethings tie togetherreally really neatly it’s worth lookingat you see you’remuch better at doing that okayso this was a hilarious storyum i like this umbasically what someone did was put out afree html editorto to be used in other people’s projectswhich would then inject links into
geniusyeah it was and i guess there’s tworeally interesting takeaways from thisoneis um make sure you look at and doublecheck the tech you’re using and thetoolsum if you’re embedding third-party stuffum just have some due diligencebut the other is to really remember thatin seo links are still a form ofcurrencyand that every link you give or
voteor has commercial value and there are alot of people who arebuilding products and tools andcommenting on blog postsand tweeting and doing a thousand dollarhacking of the sitesall with the intent of getting links sojust keep that in the back of myyour mind anywhere that you see a linkthere’s there’s value associated withthat and it’s worththinking that through yeah it is um yeah
i i was really laughing at loud onesum google published an http status codeguide which wassurprisingly specificyes yes really nice um a little bit outof character as you kind of hinted atusually they’re a bit vagueabout what happens if googlebot hits a302 that redirects to a 404 on yourrobots text and we all kind of gowe know that’s bad but it would be quitehelpful to understand specificallywhat happens behind the scenes so that
so that you can understandand that’s what this does it goes into ahuge amount of detail onwe will follow 10 301s but if they’re onyour robots.txt will only follow fiveand all that kind of level of detail andwhat happens if we get aweird http status that doesn’t alignwith our expectations how do we fallbackyou should never really need to know anyof this but if you do have problems withcalling or indexing
error error errorthis is quite a good resource tounderstand why and it links to othertools and resourcesit’s really nice yeah i i did think aswell it wasreally really nice to see them put outsuch a veryspecific uhyeah thing to be honest yeah goodum no they give us and they take it awayuh yeah they they give it and they takeit away is very true here indeed
um and they gave us back theautomatic matching of that faq resultthat they show to the query thatyou typed yesso if you haven’t already played with itum we have an faq blockin yoast which allows you to output aset of faqs on your pageand behind that we output a whole bunchof structured data and schemawhich makes you eligible for um whichmay make you eligible for google’sfaq rich results and of course then the
every page is an faq page and has 30questions about buying our productand it was a little bit spammy so umgoogle has given everyone a little bitof a slap and said calm downyou can have two answers to your faqlist in the search results but yeahthey will prioritize that based onkeyword matchesso it’s really worth thinking throughdoes this page have questions about itare they specific to certain keywordsand phrases and can i phrase them in a
to usersthis hasn’t killed faqs i think it’smade it more competitive and moreimportantthat you really craft them it’s worthlooking atyeah it’s funny there’s there’s uhanother post that we should probablylink to frombrody on uh um on fake usebecause he also noticed that google onlyshows ofa cues on like three results on a page
if there are 10 results and all of themhave faq blocks and they’ll only showthem for the firstthree or something like that therethere’s a couple of things totake into account there um but yeahthese changes arewhat you’d expect really when googlerolls out somethingit often rolls out very big and then ifyou’re lucky it staysavailable in some way but usuallyslightly smaller
learning process isn’t it it’s all aniteration i think it’s always worthremembering that everything you see inthe search resultsis a test and might be temporary ormight change or might go awayand if you’re getting hung up onspecific tactics like make everything anfaqthat’s a risk you want a nicewell-rounded strategy that builds outdifferent types of approaches etc etccool so with that we’re going to go to
than google newsyes um and we’re actually getting readyfor another new releaseum yeah what we are now a 5.8 coming uparen’t we 5.8yes um which has some new stuffmost importantly i think uh a redonewidget screen where you’re basicallyable to use blockseverywhere where you used to be able tojust use widgetsyep um i don’t know how much of adifference that will make to many people
way for this big transitionaway from boxes full of words toeverything’s a block and you canfluidly alter and reshape your wholesite on the flythat was one of the big jobs that neededto be done to unlock that so it’s goodto see that coming throughyeah it really is and the patterndirectory umpeople are excited about but i don’treally get it yetyeah we’ll see it feels like it’s a big
paragraphs and images and now we haveblocks and we used to havetemplates and now we have full siteediting potentially in drag and dropblocksand then you might have groups of blocksand patterns of blocks and directly likethere’s a lot of abstraction there ithink it will need to some getting usedto to understandhow all these things relate um it wasworth noting there was alsoa whole bunch of kind of minor things in
around things likedragging and dropping and just lots oflittle nice improvements imagetreatments some bug fixesit’s getting much sleeker yeah andthere’s one feature that wereally really really like yesum you you want to take this one becauseit’seven more than i do yeah i’m a big imagenerd um so web pso jpegs which you’ll all be familiarwith of 20 something years old as a
than we’ve had many of the things thatwe’re used to on the internetand they’re a bit rubbish webp is um amuch trendiermore modern format and you can read someof that on the page it’s a better fastersmaller image format which has beenaround for a whileum but has had some support challengesit is nowlanding formally in wordpress whichmeans you’ll be able to replace all ofyour
there is still there are still somechallenges like um manydesktop um apps like windows likemac os don’t do a great job of handlingweb p’son the desktop like for desktoppublishing and putting in files andthings sosome trade-offs um and also i don’tthink we’ve got coverage for this butjohn mueller from google tweetedsomething which really got us thinkingwhich
replace all of your jpegs with webp’syou probably ought to redirect thosefiles as wellum in the same way you would if youchanged or deleted the page becauseimages can have link equity they can belinked to they can be embeddedum it’s worth doing the the duediligence to update those when we go atthemthat seems like a lot of work thoughyeah yeah so maybe limit it to your mostprominent
yeah it’sit it it’s fine but it’s also a lot ofworkum yeah i’m looking forward to thisbeing uhbeing live and then seeing how everyoneuses thisi’m also mikael already i hopei’m saying that right said it in thechat just now or perhapssomeday we’ll get avif as well and uhwhich isn’tanother replacement for jpeg which
lot smaller tooum but yeah now there is a a lot thathappening here andi hope that we can move the speed ofthat up a bit andand and start to incorporate thesethings in wordpress core a bit fasterthan we usually doyeah um so they did anuh open invitation to contribute to thewordpress blog pattern directorywhich is a lot of wordsyeah um i think if you if you’ve been
um in wordpress and developing themesthis is worth checking out otherwisethis might be a bit abstractlike uh pre-comp pre-configured layoutsof blocks with certain settingsuh yeah again i think it’s interestingbut it’s a bit a bit edge caseyeah i’m i’m gonna have to write my postabout a directory of directories becausewe now have too many directories on youron but uh i’llwrite that post soon um this wasactually some nice news our friends at
and ilove and far too much stuff onum got acquired by delicious brainswhich is anothervery talented wordpress companyso i think it was actually a very goodmove because it is the type of companythat wouldthat can take care of that quite wellyeah i’velike as you say i’ve built so much stuffwith acf it addsso much kind of architectural capability
is otherwise quite painful to do it alsoit’s an interestingone to use with gutenberg to buildblocks with rather than in reactand but that side yeah i’ve also used umdelicious brains plugins a lot they havea really nice plugin foroffloading your images to amazon whichcan be a good performance boostso very technical very very experiencedin that kind of deep architecturalwordpress stuff where a few people playreally nice to see this coming together
next becausethis is a lot of firepower yeah it isand uh well congrats to elliot whofounded acfuh it seems like he’s moving on himselfsouh yeah job well doneuh and i i hope he get a good payout foritum then we had some other internet newsand some of thatmade me feel old in particular this oneoh yes i mean
i’ve had a conferencetalk that i gave around the time abouthow excited i was that we had this newtoy soyeah it still looks as though theyhaven’t updated the design since theredoesn’t it but i guess that’s a kind ofdeliberate retro thingyeah we should we should ask dan to towell at some point get a slightly betterlooking sitegoing yes yeah now is the time yeah nowthis is quite nice
and talk about schema a lot we’re stillconvinced that it’s incredibly importantforthe future of google for seo and to pavethe way fora more connected web it’s a huge dealand this really is the beating heart ofitit’s the the standard that has won it’sthe way we describeall of the data and all of the things onthe web which is pretty awesome so thisis a nice moment to reflect to see where
there’s a nice open call here to say umcome and contribute your ideas come andextend it think about what it doesn’t dowellwhat should change what should be killedor reinvented yeahit’s nice to get a bit of a a spotlightback onto this now that it’s umaging gracefully yeahyeah those social buttons on thescreenshot are here oh wow yes alsoyeah um of course if you areserious about your schema well we have a
schema tooso go get it yeah and again doing abetter job of this than youall of our schema stuff almost all of itis in our free plugin and it all happensautomatically in the background youdon’t have to worry about it we justprocess what you write however we didjust launch a shiny new schema thing inpremiumwhich is that if you have um multipleauthorsor people on your site let’s say there’s
um there’s a whole bunch of extraproperties you can fill in their profilefor languages spoken expertisewhat schools did you go to a couple ofothers i forget but there’s like a dozenor soyou know yes you wrote the code whatelse is there he wrote the codeyeah yeah you could put in your titleand there’s a couple of things like thateven if there is only one author thismight still help but yeah no it isit is nice to do to go in and do that so
make sure to go into your awful profilesand make and updatethat bit um with thatwe’re going on to shop pay which isshopify’s payment solution but beyondshopifyyeah so we saw this in the screenshotand just now of thebuying things in the search results thisis increasingly becomingthe payment gateway and app the the appand the system for everything betweenthe product and the payment and
other day to a notificationsaying um a parcel that i’ve orderedfrom somelittle independent store was currentlybeing delivered and that popped up inthe shop app on my phoneand i thought okay that’s really coolreally interesting i bought it viasome other third party all this is tiedtogether then i got a notificationsaying we’re going to be adding amazonto this as well so all of these awkwarddelivery emails and my dpd app and the
never knocks and leaves it in the rainall of that is being challenged by thisone ecosystemso you’ve got google on one hand sayingyou know what we will own the entiretransaction phase in the search enginesand thenshop pay will do the payment and theneverything that happens nextgoes to the shop app so yeah shopify isquite a big deal in e-commerce but it’salso quite a big deal in fulfillment andall the stuff that happens around that
noticed this and they’ve just alreadywonand they’re going to start taking a biteout of all sorts of other bits of thatecosystem so yeah pretty cool it isit would be amazing if they sorted a bitbetter becausehonestly the last mile of deliveryis still like the hardest problem in allof e-commerceyep so yeah and it’s uh we’ll we’ll seehow this goes and we’ll see also if weget it anywhere outside of the uk in the
because yeah as ever the geography makesit hard to scale rightyeah yeah and then in news that you’dexpected to be news from 1998that is actually news from 2021um without wanting to riff at our goodfriend kevin indigit is very nice for shopify sites theycan now edit their robots.txt fileyep which gives them control like soshopify has had amixed reputation in the seo space for along time some stuff it does very very
including like its basic proposition ofget a store online and start sellingsome technical seo stuff it has hadproblems withthey’ve done a ton of good work over thelast couple of years now to fix a bunchof thosebut the one thing that seo consultantsand the real techie people have beensaying they’re neededfor a long time is the ability tomicromanage the robots text file whichwill allow them to say
hey bingdon’t call directories with thisparticular platinum structureand that’s like the really granularoptimization but it can make a hugedifference on big or very technicalor kind of non-standard sites so yeahthat exists now it’s a big deal it’s abig toolum it’s the latest of a lot of thingsthat they’ve been launching it’s reallyinteresting to watch themsmash out features like this but yeah it
it was i had a hilarious moment just nowbecause you said hey google am i googlesorry[Laughter]ah that teaches me for not mutingnothing before i go and record somethingum anywayat the same time you were saying allsorts of smart things i’m not going tocomment on thatum brave has launched a new searchengine which i thought was a brave moveyeah it looked like a story before
butnobody’s going to use it but it looksgood exactly soprivacy is a concern google’s ad basedmonetization model is a concerngoogle’s geopolitical influence is aconcernyes and there are hugely complicatedarguments and debatesand legal cases happening that aretrying to get to the bottom of this andrelated stuffthey’ll take decades and who knows where
brave is trying to make a statement andsay we have an ad-free alternate modelsearch enginebuilt by a whole bunch of google andalumni and other smart peoplethat’s an interesting try howeverit is going to be so hard to come to ato dislodgeexisting google users being tried withall the power of microsoft andfailed frankly and how on earth do youcompete with google’s network effectslike this is the thing that google’s
initiative powers google maps whichpowers google’s local listingswhich makes google’s paid listings forlocal adverts 10 more effectiveand cost efficient than they can ever bein brave and therefore advertisers willgather like it’s so hard to chip likethey don’t have youtube they don’t havethe app store they don’t have any ofthese things thatcontinually reinforce and feed data anduser behavior back into google whichhelps google fix and
works it’s because all of these thingsare tied togetherso it doesn’t matter how good yourlittle standalone search engine is evenif it’s incredibleit’s really really hard to get the cutthrough but we shall seeyeah we we’re still rooting for thembecause yeahyeah yeah um and then we have some usenewsum first of all we had 16.4which added check which is really
since i’m dutch i now think that that isnot necessarily something that you wantto admit toum next 16.5 introduced socialappearance templatesif you didn’t get the previous thingthere was a football referenceif you don’t get it that’s fineum 16.5 brought new social appearancetemplates and thisactually makes quite a change that idon’t think everyonesaw um so now by default we will use
title when sharingyour posts to facebook and twitterinstead of to type the seo title whichhad your site name attached to itin most cases and you might want to makethem different anyway you might want theway youshare your content in search results tobe different to social media it’s adifferent type of audiencedifferent types of messaging you mightwant to do a hey hey hey click mething on facebook whereas on google you
different sohaving these be separate tools withtemplates is really really niceuh yeah so very happy with this it was anice featureand then today we released somethingthat i’m super proud ofum um itis the first of i hope a lot of workoutsso we’ve been talking about seo fitnessthe ideabeing seo is something that you can’tjust do once and then forget
and this workout will actually help yougo through it’ll guide you step by stepin telling you what to do and how toimprove your your sitethis particular workout focuses onimproving your cornerstone contentand the links towards your cornerstonecontentif you have your cecil premium go checkit out if you don’tum go get your seo premium and thencheck it out because it’s awesome andmore workouts will be coming over
with this and we’d love to hear yourfeedbackyeah i’m really excited for this i thinkit’s a different type of thing i knowthere are there are a thousand seo toolswhich will scan your site and saythis meta description is too short orhere’s a 404there are very few tools and processeswhich are integrated enough into yoursite and workflow to be able to sayhave you thought about taking this stepand then going through this process and
surface to help you make decisions andif you go right then like all of this iswhat we’re trying to do like let’s notjust have seo b check boxes that you dolet’s have it be some a routine that youfollow and we canmake that super easy it’s really commonyeah if you think of your seo as yourgym then you assess your premium becomesyour proyour personal trainer and i uhwell i like that umthen we did some podcasts or i did some
uh if you are considering hiring an seoagency this is really a must listen ithinkum another podcast on the topic we justtouched onon a lot of eat or eat or however youwant to call itwith uh lily ray who was awesome as wellit was a really nice podcast and we’lldo more and more our upcoming umand we have a new webinar coming upuh in a couple of weeks as well on avery specific topic we’ll talk about
to begin with we’re going to explainwhat atlas iswhy people are trying it and whether youshould even be thinking about trying itum to which the answer is probablyvery close to no butthere are cases where you should andthere areuh cases where it’s definitely somethingthat could help youum so if you want to know come andlisten to usnice very interesting and with that
yes definitely because i learned thatfor those watchingfull screen they don’t see our call toactionwhere they can easily register for thiswebinarso you is stupid yes so you might havetounfull screen is that a word and thentheshiny green button at the bottomi i i need to oh that’s where i alwaysforget how in this in this thing i can
because it works you probably have somequestions for us don’t you yeswe do have questions lined up uh also ifyou’re watchingfullscreen oh jeff could see it fine infull screen i love that jeffdon’t forget to click it um[Laughter]then you should also see the ask aquestion sectionat the bottom of the page where you canask a questionand upvote others so we’ll go
meansthat we have a first question that saysdo you havea favorite wordpress plugin to help pagespeedi will go first because jono might haveactual real answersmy first my first favorite plugin tohelp pagespeedis a good hostbecause as much as i want you to use agood plugin to do thisthe best answer is a good host
especially for that kind of callspeed of like how long does the servertake to respond you can be talking aboutthe difference between100 milliseconds and a second which canmake everything else so that’s a bigdeal um okay so bridging on from theremost of the good hosts have their ownperformance plug-ini know sitegrounds is really good servebolts is really good a few others arereally goodum the the real kind of wordpress expert
their own performance plugin thatintegrates with their hosting so that’sa good one um on top of that i wouldcheck out cloudflarethey have their own plugin which makeswordpress super speedy and if all elsefails or you’re not on a good host oryou can’t use cloudflareum wp rocket is probably the leading umplug and play speed plug-in and veryvery smartum not free but worth the money if thoseother routes don’t
test all of these things togetherall right and then we have a very longquestion that i tryto come up with a summary but i can’t soi will read it out loudi’m allowed to copy a well-read blogpost from another sitei can use 50 of the text and a pictureand via readmore the reader should read theremaining parton the original site will this hurt myseo
okay so this is one of the oldestquestionsin the publishing book how do we do ourcontent syndication that we’re so usedtoin a way that google gets itum there is noreal good answer here than trying itum i think if you’re if the site youyou’re you can do this on arien and ihave a bit of a clueum it has a lot more links pointing toit than the original site
guess the way to think about thisis why would google choose to send auser toyour version of that content than theoriginal and yeah one of the answers tothat might beyour brand or your design or your valuepropositionor the number of links you have thequality of links is significantly betterthan the full content but you’re goingto befighting against that like it’s not what
wants for their users you areintroducing frictionso you’re going to have to add some kindof value or demonstrate that you’regood enough to be worth that frictionall right and then there’s a shorterquestionis google my business useful for b2bbusinessyes the thing is umin actual business and this i don’t wantto be ratio or anything becausewe use b2b and b2cs terms the whole time
there arealways people on the other end searchingfor youyeah it’s not a business that does thesearching it’s aperson that does the searching and itdoesfilling out your google my businessproperly as a b2b businessstill makes sense and humans haveemotions and opinions like if theif there’s no photo of your businessit’s going to be less trustworthy
going to be confusing if the reviews arebad or there aren’t any you’re going tobelook not as good as a competitor yeahit’s humansforming opinions of which businessesthey want to interact with it’s nodifferentyeah at the same time it’s i would ispend as much time as i wantwould it be to see business no probablynotand there might be multiple people
might make it more important i like uhlynnette’s explanation b2hbusiness to human ah nice it is alwayswhat it isyes right yeah and of course that’scorrecti wanna uh answer anne hall’s questioncan we take that oneyes definitely um does yoast pluginsregularly update to coincide with googleupdatesuh yes is the only proper answer to thati think we showed this
something in how they post schemafaqs uh and wedid an update the next day to fix it foreveryoneand i saw a lot of people whine andcomplain because theyhad to get tickets into their far tooexpensiveinto integrators to get their very inveryexpensive e-commerce setups fixed umif you’re on wordpress and use your seoall you have to do is click the
at the same time did we have to do anupdate for the lastfew google updates no because theydidn’t change anything that wouldbe affected by what yoast seo doesso i yes we update when we need tono we don’t always update when googledoes an update becausea lot of times we won’t have toso related to that you mentioned updateupdateupdate should people enable automaticupdates on their wordpress sites
and might sometimes if you don’t doautomatic updating you’re going toonly go into your site every threemonths and then update your plugins youmight have been hacked as wellor you’ll miss out on the latest updatesthat take advantage of the latestalgorithm updates yeahyeah no honestly yes they should um ithink thatby now people should be a fairly safe touse automaticupdates um honestly this
don’t trustthis is why you can enable automaticupdates on a plug-in by plug-in basisso feel pretty say i feel pretty safe totell people toallow it for us um why well because ourqa team is bigger than most other plugand development teams areum so i we testa lot every release gets testedso often does that mean we never makemistakesof course not but we don’t tend to break
and i have done my share of breakingsites when i started doing all thisbecausethat’s how you learn yeppreferably by breaking someone else’sside rightwell that’s the reason why not a lot ofpeople very badi can tellyou feel so bad when it happens andoftentimes you can’t do anything aboutit but you feelso incredibly bad um but yeah now
than a decade i ican now safely say that i think we’repretty good at itand not breaking sites just for clarityyeahall right so um the next question byuh ali is is google page speed accuratefor example i get a better result on gtmetrics or otherpage speed sites versus google pagespeedit’s a really good question i think wetouched on this earlier the scores
change using the same tool running thesame report twice on the same pagebecause the server that powers that pagemight takeless time or more time to respond or youmight be running some kind ofperformance plug-in like the bp rocketthat might be caching your assets soall of these scores are going to changeall the time regardless of which toolyou useand accuracy isn’t really a thing thatsaid
the pagespeed insight toolswill give you a more useful morerelevant measureand those are the metrics you should beusing um things like gt metrics etc tendto be built by third parties which mightmeasure things in different waysuse google schools to understand howgoogle is scoring your scoresum and keep chipping away that everytimeall right now i saw a personal questionin the
because i can anticipate the answersmarinauh asked just curious guys what is youracademic backgroundum i tend to tell people that my wifeandand i are on average a uhwe have a doctor on this degree in indutch or basically a master’sthat’s because she is a doctor and has aphdand i have no completedwhatever so yeah no me neither
i i never even got to university idropped out of college to start buildingwebsites and spent a decadetinkering with html and look where thatgot meyeah so do listen to us for seo advicedo not when it comes towhich study to pick no agreedall right then ali has aquestion that’s upvoted a lot if i’mtrying to update and optimize all postsand pages for keywordsis it the best way to create a new
the old oneor what are the implications for seo ifthe old page has a fairly goodserp position so this is why webought a plug-in called duplicate postlast yearum in into which we introduced a newfeature calledrewrite and republish so what you can dowith that plugin is you can make a copyof that post into a new draft edit itmake it a lot better etcand then republish it under the old url
um you can just use that rewrite andrepublish feature toto rewrite it as though it’s a new draftand use all the functionality of ofwordpress anduh with that yeah go through thatprocessum honestly we bought it just to be ableto do that and because we wantedenrico who’s an awesome colleague ofours nowadays to join us full-time atjostum but yeah i just wanted that feature
and i’m really excited about it if youcan’t telli’m really happy to see all the positivecomments about duplicate post and we’llmake sure to forward that to enricoyeah absolutely um sorisa asks will google ever make buyingservicesas easy as buying products that’s reallyinterestingthey are certainly to tryyeah so some places they already have umflights mortgage comparison a whole
hotels um but most of those servicesare powered by integrations with dataproviderswhat they really want to do is gobroader in the same way they are withproductsit’s no coincidence that there is a lotof innovation happening with schema.orgflashback um around things likeum products that are bundled withservices or services that have recurringpaymentsthese are all bits of data that they
from websites um and then surface it inthe search results the challenge will bemany of those service websites aren’tusing something like woocommercenot necessarily so the data’s harder toget it’s less structuredthey’re going to keep pushing on thisbut it’s going to be hard but yeahin theory there shouldn’t be anydifference right in theorysomeone should build a plug-in forwordpress that makes it easier to sellservices on wordpress
good business ideaall right so if anyone’s all right we’lldo a final question because we’realmost at the full hour um we’ve beengoing on for way too longbut i really like this question becauseit toucheson a plug-in that we talked aboutearlier which is site kit by googlewhen you install sitegit it gives youtwo setsof page performance scores the one inthe lab and the other one in the field
taking mostnotice of both both is the reallyimportant answer though i appreciateit’s not helpfulso um in the field data is collectedfromreal humans um using your website whichthey collect from people using chromeall over the worldall the time on different devices fromdifferent countries etcand so that is really useful becauseit’s these actual human people
these conditions howeverif you’re unless you’re a huge websitethat data is going to be limited you’renot going to have it for every urland it’s going to be quite hard to testand diagnose with it because you don’thave some handy humans in the lab thatyou cantest on so the lab data is reallyhelpful forfor that kind of analysis for sayingokay the field data shows that peopleare finding things slow the lab data
we can test things we can run that testagain we can change something we can seehow the scores changeso you really need to use them bothtogether of course you want to beoptimizing the scores for the realhumans butyou can’t just pick one set and use thatall right and with that i think we’vereached the end of today’s show thankyou everyone for joining don’t forget toregister for the headless webinardon’t worry you’ll see hats on screen um
headless oh you’re thinking away my jokei was going to come online noso and then after that we hope to seeyou again nextno not next month actually um becausethere will be a summer breakso we’ll see each other after the summerwith more seo news and it will beprobably bea very long episode because we have tocoverthe whole vacation with everything thathappens during vacation
happens if france stays in france so nowthat’s gonna be goodall right so thanks everyone for joiningand see youagain next timeyou

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