SEO news webinar | May 2021

i will get started introducing ouruh two stars for today’s showbecause together these two areresponsible for making decisionsthat impact millions of people aroundthe webon the left i think now for viewers aswellon the right we will see mr jonoelderson who was elected to theamp advisory committee late last yearwho can read the matrix and works oneverything technical seo adjusts and
he claims his css skills are even betterthan his seo skillsand on the left we have mr yostevalkthe legendary founder of a companycalled yoastand the host is a kid of the internetand when the internet came to thenetherlands jost went online and henevernever went offline he combined his earlyage passion for building websites withmadskills in digital marketing and thus
and besides being the unofficial face ofmusculore the shoe brandjoe spends most of his time leading theproduct team at yoast so please put yourvirtual hands togetherfor jono and yoast god you are trying toi couldn’t use somethingwow that was phenomenal um just in thebackground i’ve just seen someincredible commentson the um the cat and dog stuff there’sa whole bunch of people claiming to bethe couch which i quite liked
um they’re feeling like it’s passivevoice smacking them in the face which ii feeland there was some good ones sayingmaybe google is the kitten hat hittingour website so yeah good work everybodyyeahabsolutely marvelous work okayum hi everyone we’ve got news to go toso let’s get to it yeah umwe’ve got a lot of news actually thisweekend or this monthbecause it was google i o and there’s a
already all the time so hi let’s getgoing we’ve got google news let’s startwith thatand this is not really news becausespam is as old as the internetor almost as old i i think yeah wellthat’s true too butinternet spam is as old as the internetso google detected a lot of spam umactually more spam than last time yeahand they’re pretty big numbers but ithink the interesting thingto explore here is maybe not everybody
most internet spam is seo relatedum it’s people trying to build links atscalelow quality links and massive networksof sites andauto generated content etc but thebiggest chunk of thatis quite often from hacked sites sopeople will find their way intonetworks of sites and hosting companiesbackdoors and take over websites andinject links back to their own networksof stuff
these other networks and you end up withmillions of pages of spamso i guess the moral of the story is umkeep your site safekeep your plugins updated keep yourthemes updated follow best practiceuse the site health reports in wordpresswhich are really coolum use good hosting and generally justkind of make sure that you’renot no you’re not falling prey to thatgoogle search console’s quite good atspotting if you’ve got issues they’ll
um yeah take care because you don’t wantto be one of those pages that um googleare just dismissing because that’s badyeah because at that point you would bethinkingwow yes i have a sound board and i’mgonna play with itokay so um uh in onwards googlelisted a set of best practices fore-commerce video seoand uh this honestly is justin many ways was just good news i mean ithink most of it made sense was not
either but they finally said that youneed one video per urlyeah this was nice there were two reallygood bits came out of this one was thatthey saidif you if you’ve got a video put it on apage and make that the main focus of apagewhich makes sense it’s something we’vebeen saying for a while because ifyou’ve got 30 videos on a page it’s alla bitdiluted and confusing as a user but it
archive of all those videos as wellso good stuff um the other nice thingthat came out was they saidum if you’re using video especially ine-commercethink about how people shop and how theyresearch and how they behaveand often video plays a role quite highin the researchcycle so it’s when people are startingto explore what their options areand think about potential solutions andcompetitors it doesn’t make sense
people to buy right at the bottomyou want to be problem solving andcomparing and supporting and educatingand all those good thingswhich mean that people remember you andprefer your brand as they go throughthat journey so yeah this is worthreading there’s some really good stuffin thatyeah absolutely um and if you really areinto that stuffthen you should know about this as wellwe have a
well you have to pay for but we have tomake some money too socheck go check it out if you haven’tdone that yetgoogle search console add a new searchperformance reportit’s good stuff isn’t it yeah i don’tthink there’s anything new here but it’snice to haveall of this in one place we know thatcore web vitals is a big deal thatgoogle are pushing on thisspeed and performance stuff and they’ve
neatly with things like is your site andhttps and are you mobile friendlyand do you have hey any security issueslike my site’s been hackedhaving all of this in a single dashboardis really handy um at a glance to seewhat’s going on and how am i doingand obviously any big red numbers umshould probably prompt some kind ofactionyeah bit big red numbers are never verygood and let meresize my screen a bit so we get higher
resolution um yeah cooland then john mew shared uh uh quite abit of gooduh um advice on how to optimize yourimagesyeah that was a load there were somespecific bits in there rightyeah there was a lot of best practicewhich i know we’ve covered on thingslike use optimal formatsand don’t forget to shrink them down sothey’re not 20 magsbut one of the interesting thing would
is he said um if you’re changing yourimages sayyou’ve got an image of a cat on aproduct page and you change it to animage of a dog then why you do thatbaffles me um don’t forget to redirectthe original image because it mightstill be in google images which can be agood source of trafficit might still be linked to it mightstill be bookmarkedit might have been useful you need toredirect your images in the same way
pages or your deleted resourcesum which i i know is something that notmany people think aboutso if your images are an important partof your strategy it’s definitely worthmaking sure that you’re not leaving deadends as you update thingsyeah this was something that made me go[Music]because um honestly wordpress is veryvery good atcreating new image urls every other dayum if you add a new image size and
welland uh if you change and image size andsuddenly all theall images might be gone etcum now if images no longer existit’s good to know that you can redirectthem with wordpress in fact you canredirect them withour premium pluginbecause at that point when the image nolonger existsum you can actually redirect as your rawas
casesunless you’re hosting a setup to notallow jpeg png etc togo to wordpress but in most cases that’snot the caseso and you can just use our premiumplugin to redirect those imagesand we are thinking about how we canimprove that on that process a bitbecausewell actually john mu got us thinkingwhich is good it doesn’t do that allthat much
but not a whole lot of things he saysare really news to me but this was likeoh i didn’tthink about this enough so um yeah byall means um go do thatand then um yeah moredon’t don’t read this don’t try and readthis nono what is it tell me that’s a goodquestion soum we did mention gpt 3 i think a fewmonths ago this is uma fancy new breakthrough in machine
text analysis and generation if you wantautomated content and text this isthe latest cutting-edge ai thing thatdoes thatso teams at google have been looking atthis and sayingwhat if we completely reinvented howgoogle works because when you look atthe history of googleit’s all about they started off callingthe web they started off measuring linksthey developed page rank they saidwhat if we digest all the content on
build a search engine and it allis all built on consuming these thistext contentwhat if you binned all of that and youbuilt something completely differentwhich just consumed all of that text andused gpt3 and a whole bunch of fancy aijust to answer searcher questions youdidn’t rank websites you didn’t countlinks you didn’t evensend users to web pages you just solvedproblems in the search engineand that really got me thinking i think
the entire way that google works isaccidental it wasn’t ever reallydesigned this wayand no part of their ecosystem says wehave to rank web pages and send users towebsitesso and the seo me really says okay ireally need to be thinking thenhow do i position my brand as a trustedadvisorhow do i solve user problems how do ibuild a reputation how do i be memorableand a lot of that doesn’t necessarily
highly for this keywordor even how do i get clicks to my pagewe must must start thinking more abouthow do i present myself in the searchresults as part of our strategiesthis may go nowherehow am i the best result for whensomeone searches for xyep precisely so yeah interesting stuffyeah it is really yeah it’s also scaryin a wayand i don’t necessarily like the waywhere that go
okay so that was all the google news wethought and then google i ohappened and when google i o happensas an seo you’re like gearing up becauseyou know thata lot of stuff will be coming out and umhonestly i was a bit underwhelmed in awayum because some of the stuff that theywere showing was really cool but it waslike is that really what you’ve donethis yearyeah um on the same thing lots i saw a
product offering you think of all thethings that google doesthat actually if they were a differentcompany any one of the things theyannounced would be incredible but whenyou look at it through the lens ofgooglelike oh yeah we’ve rolled out a wholebunch of ai middleware across all theseproduct bundles and it’squite abstract and it’s quite deep soyeah it’s not it’s not yeahi i was most excited by the google meet
um but yeah no um so they’ve launchedgoogle mumuh a new language model and i iseriouslygoogle is not good at naming stuff butthis isyeah so mum’s a thousand times morepowerful than bertyep also unhelpfulthis doesn’t mean anything to me and umi can understand it if it doesn’t meananything toa whole lot of people because but
complex thing tograsp i mean it was a model of how theyunderstand language and then they underthey try to understand language more incontext of where the words are used etci mean we have a team of linguistsworking at just here on this stuffand they sort of understand berti because of talking to them sometimesandand and talking to other people i ii have a vague well vague understandingof what that means
yeah i have no clue it’s not helpful isiti guess i think the important takeawayisonce upon a time google just looked atkeywords and then they evolved to lookat phrasesand then they evolved to look at contextwhich is where burke comes in that it’snot just the thingswords it’s the relationship with theother words and all of that stuffand now where mum takes it is in two two
one is multimedia so what’s therelationship between the words and thepictures and the videoand how do we understand that and thenalso multilingualhow do we do that across all theselanguages and they can take all thatcontext and say okay you’ve searched forrunning shoes and we don’t just try andrank the best page that has those wordson it we really try and comprehendall of the content across all of thelanguages in all of the formats
for you which again i it’s the sametakeawayyou can’t just try and rank and competefor that last keywordyou have to solve user problems way upthe funnel help them researchanswer their questions provide adviceprovideinteresting opinions and do much morethan just put words on a web page youwant to becurating and architecting useful contentexperiences which is a big ask but
and understand yeahthe whole multilingual aspect of thishad me baffled a bit as well becausehonestly in not a whole lot of countriesin the worldwould a result in another language thanthe language that you’re searching inbe a good result yeah i mean in thenetherlands you could probably get awaywith an english resultum if someone is searching in dutchto a certain extent because most peoplein the netherlands do
in most countries in the world i mean ifwe gave americansspanish results the world would just betoo smallso iti i don’t see how that really helpsthe only thing i do see is that theycould maybe auto translate a whole lotof that stuffin in results etc and i see thathappeningum but yeah all of this seems to bemostly about multi-modal so
combining all these things togetherand i i i sort of understand why theyneed it and i also understand why theyneedbecause they did spend a whole lot oftime in the i o keynote talking aboutprocessing poweri understand why you need tons and tonsand tons of processing power to use allof thisi’m just looking and waiting for realworld applications i thinkyeah and in the announcement blog post
that essentially says this is a work inprogressand we’re currently looking at ways toreduce carbon emissions from theoverheads of powering this so this isthis is a trial and it’s not cheap orsimple to runso we’ll see where it goes ummany people in the comments they’resaying many people in america actuallydo speak spanishi know but the funny thing is you knowwhat happens when
uhto people a certain group in america candeal with that quite well and then alarge group of people can deal with thatnot at all so yeah that’sexactly what i meant um anywaygoogle’s shopping graph they announcedthis and i only need to click i think onmy slide to get this to work yeah thereitgoes also fancy it’s videowithin video within video this is allsort of the inception of video
google shopping graph what is it jonotell us that’s a good questionso let me start by telling you whatgoogle knowledge graph is which we’vetalked about before which is that umof all the content that google consumeand encounterthey try and understand the relationwhat those things are and therelationships between themand wikipedia is a huge part of thiswiki data is a huge part of thisall the proprietary stuff that google
a cat is ananimal that is often found in a housethat has four legs and so on and soforth and they can use that toinfluence what ranks and how it looksandhow results are localized in a thousandother things product graph is thatfor products so all the product info allthe pricesall the availability all the sales allof that informationacross all time for all the retailers
so they have structured data on all ofthese attributes which means they cansayhere is the cheapest place to buy thislaptop orthis um this restaurant is 20 moreaveragethan the comparable restaurants in thesame area um you should wait untilfriday when they’re on average 30cheaper they can start to positionthemselves as the authorityon product availability and information
all you think that google is reallyreally smartin doing this before you think thatdo realize that the only reason thatthey can build this now is becausethey’vebeen asking website owners to mark uptheir productswith eins or isbns or or thethe codes that they use to recognizethese products acrossdifferent shops umand it’s just ridiculous i mean
call this a graph is like overselling ita bitbecause what they do is they scrape allthese websitesthen they take the schema that we givethem and then they say heylet’s combine all of that into adatabaseyep i think practically speaking thisreally means that you you need to workout whether you’re going to compete onprice or differentiationbecause if you’re not the cheapest and
nobody’s going to select you fromgoogle’s inventory because those are thetwo filters that people are going tosearch on and there can be a hundredplaces where you can buy the thing iwant the cheapest or i want the bestorder nearest yeah yeah you’ve got towin on one of those factorsyeah um okay and then they gavemerchants more ways to shop andbut those merchants have to be onshopify don’t theyyes apparently so this is more google
awesomeum if you are running a shopify storeyou can nowautomatically just have all of yourproduct inventory show up in googlewhich is pretty cool that said um thisisn’tso the integration here is specialshopify but this isn’t anything that youcan’t do on other platformsum it’s built on google merchant centerit’s the same kind of feeds and rss andxml that you can do yourself it’s worth
but it’s pretty neat i think that googleareintegrating so deeply directly into theplatform level you can justum not worry about any of thatintegration nonsense and get on withsellingyeah this is one of the things whereshopify does make it reallyattractive to go to assass instead ofhosting your annual commerce andfiguring all this out for yourselfi honestly also think that this is where
and do this for you as well if you’re onthe woocommerce side of thingsthis is where they can help you makethis stuff easyum and it’s not necessary so yeahum then news actually had me excited uhgoogle page experience ranking coming todesktopfinally yes this is nice so we’ve talkedabout this a lot the upcomingpage experience ranking thing which wasgoing to be in june and has been pushedback to august i’m not sure if that’s
um and how they’re monitoring core workvitals and you need to pass thethreshold etcall of that excuse me has been mobilecentric so far so all of thedocumentation has said um we’re going tomeasure and monitor and reward thisbased on your mobile performancepresumably because in most cases that’sgoing to be worse than desktopand it’s really where google wants to befocusing however now they’re sayingum this will also be desktop 2 which is
it does mean you need to double checkall of your metrics and make sure thatyour desktop site is fast as well asyour mobile siteand they may be very different dependingon how they’re built and work we do haveumwe had a good article recently by edwin about mobile paritytalking about how your mobile experienceought to be similar but not necessarilyidentical to your desktopthe other way around is quite
article from the bottom to the topor back to front and then apply the samethinkingyeah i my suggestion would be to read iton a mobile phoneyes good shout out okayand uh this was funny uh new toys andweb storiesyeah i really like web stories i keep ireally like the idea of web storieswe’ve talked about this before as wellit’sum it’s essentially instagram style
on or in your own website so you dragand drop imagesstyle content that has become instagramstylecontent that with this becomes googleweb story stylecontent i mean yeah yeah precisely itsays yeah it’s their their slice on whata web story is and obviously theirstrategy is thatthey think that this is the best versionof web stories umyou you so these create web pages on
they can be embedded into existing blogposts and web pagesi’m still not entirely sure i understandthe real world use cases butthese are so so powerful they look sleekthey’re easy to buildthey’re pretty awesome they could bepart of a really good seo strategybecause they um they can attract trafficetcwhat’s nice is this new update which wasannounced to io brings um360 degree panoramic images which are
polls and surveys where you can do getpeople to vote on stuffand a whole bunch of best practiceframework forhow should you embed these and what’sthe best approach for umunderstanding how to connect withaudiences and stuff so this is reallymaturing ii honestly thought when it first cameout it was a bit gimmicky but the more ilook at it the more i think this isa different type of content for a
worth looking atand it’s actually it it works very welland it’s wordpress based and i’mi’m quite proud of what that team isbuilding it’s coolokay so that was our google i o news andif you’re thinking heywasn’t there anything more no that wasreally itor we’ve missed it and we’ll discuss itnext timeyeah um as these things gogoogle i o is a lot of video material i
uh and nor has jono even though he hasmore timeum now we do have something elsewe have microsoft news and honestly mostof the time when we have microsoft newsit it’s not all that interestingthis is no different so bing has newshopping featuresand honestly just slightly better thanwhat google has launched so faryeah despite google having the productgraph this is exactly how iwould want to see that manifest yeah i
in how they built on top of theirproductproduct graph they’ll actually make itlook like bing’s new shopping featuresbecause thisactually looks very decent very usefulum it alsoreally really does what john i was justsayingif this were what google was like whenyou search for a productwould you ever sell something becausebasically it’s a race to the bottom in
laptops myself anymoreat that point because you’re competingagainst everyone else and it’s all ohvery hardso it is what it is but it looks sleekand it might actually especially ifyou’re in the us where these resultstend to bebest um this might actually be a verygood way of doing product research whenbefore youbuy something then we have our othernews section
in our in our webinarswe’re trying to highlight a bit morenews from outside of just what googledoes becausegoogle might do a whole lot of thingsbut other people do cool stuff tooum pinterest and shopify integratingmorethis sort of makes sense right i wasjust saying something aboutshopify by pinterest but probablybecause they’re too expensiveum but they seem like they they work
yeah i had a look at this and it’sreally interesting thatso much of the product discovery andvalidation and transaction process nowhappens in these kinds of ecosystemsthisthis isn’t this might be you sellingyour products in a way thaton a platform where you can neverinfluence that nobody ever visits yourwebsite and i think the good reminderhere is thatso much more and more of this stuff
and that your strategy needs to considerthat you whilst it’s still very veryimportantthat you own your own equity and haveyour own website and domain and build upauthority over timeyou can’t just do that you also need tobe competingin 20 other platforms and places andsome of that will be seo some of it willbe paid social some of it will just behearts and minds and brandingbut yeah you can’t just operate in a
rankings becauseall these other platforms are engagingyour consumers in all these other placesyeah okay and then um googleannounced they were gonna kill the uhrich snippet validation toolum so took it upand is now building on top of it so thatmeans that other googlers aremaintaining this tool than they weredonebefore but we have validated.schema.orgnow and
yeah it is we’ve so we do so much stuffwith schema in the us plugin now wegenerate it and build it and output itand wecontinually run into challenges wherethere are differences between specand how google interprets that and untilnow their testing tools have all saidthis is wrong this is wrongand it’s not one it’s just not how theywant it orit doesn’t meet a specific use case that
and it’s not quite the same thingwhereas now thisversion of the schema markup validatoris much less opinionated it just saysis this valid is it right and thenthere’s separate systems like google’srich results testfor saying okay are you eligible forshiny shiny results in the searchuh search engines so it’s really nice tohave separated those concepts it makesour lives much easierand um it opens up i think to
and more people doing more stuff becausethey’re not afraid that they’re gettingthesestrange errors from google i’d say yeahgood stuffyeah i’m very very happy with that aswell and thenwe had a report from ira that i thinkthey do every year rightyeah i recall this mentioning this umsome number of episodes ago last time ithinkum so this is yeah error is a seo agency
by paddy moogan who some of you mayrecognize his name very prominent um seoum but literally wrote the book on linkbuilding somebody a number of years agoand we’ve included this because we don’ttalk a lot about link building on thispodcastthis webinar the podcast with videowe’ll call it a webinarum because i i’m not a massive linkbuilder i know that yours doesn’t buthaving and getting and managing links isstroke can be an important part of an
and it’s riddled with complexity thereare do’s and don’ts and goods and badsand it’s a big field that we don’t toucha lotand thankfully if you want to go andexplore and learn more this is a reallygood reporthere they do this every year theyinterview a whole bunch of seos theylook at different aspects ofwhat do you think what’s growing what’schanging what works what doesn’t andthey show you all the data they explore
they get experts to interrogate andprovide opinions and resources and toolsif you want to learn more about linkbuilding it’s a really good place to goin and seeum see what’s going on it does a reallygood job of debunkinglegacy bad practices and kind of reallyframing what you should be doing nowmoving forward sodefinitely worth the read yeah and nowbecause this is cool and awesome i didalso want to talk about the other side
because um there was some research bythis guy together with the new yorktimes umon link rot andit’s quite scary because they looked atlike heywe have content online since 1996and we’ve been adding links to thatcontent since how do wehow do those links do and well it turnsout awhole lot of those links no longer work
happen in multiple different waysand multiple different things actuallyyou should look up this thread ontwitterum and maybe john i can throw the linkinto thereand then um yeah i mean a whole lot ofexamples of things that can go wrongthey have some solutions in there that ido not even think are very good ones butthat’s because there are no goodsolutions to thisbecause pages do go away and the problem
permalink even in wordpress we callthings a permalinkwhen it’s not a permalink it’s not apermalink atall because if i change my permalinkstructure my all permalinks don’t workanymoreso um yeah or if your domain expiresor any other number of scenarios somake it redirects please audit your owncontent every once in a whilefor your outgoing links and checkwhether your outgoing links are still
intended them to go toand um yeah have a look at this link rawis a real problem on the web and as theweb getsbigger and as the web gets older thisproblem is going to getbigger and bigger and bigger yepwith that wordpress news uhif i go to the right slide yeah there wego umi promised in chat already that i wouldtalk aboutum image formats because someone was
png like um john mueller was talkingabout that what should i usewell if you have the choice thenprobably webp is the best formatin many many cases umand wordpress has actually landed webpsupport i think we talked about thislast time that we wanted webp supportnow i have one request left i want svgsupport as wellum so yeah umplay with this and the next core versionof
that’s a great enhancementyep um yeahit is what it is and then we have thiscan you explain this jonobecause well i can trybut it’s hard i’ll give it a shot um soum[Music]you’re writing an awesome blog post andyou think this needs a big imageso you go to google and you search catand you pick the first awesome cut imageyou find out google images except
and it’s owned by the photographer whotook it or the site which sells itand now you are being illegal that’s badthis happens all the time and there aresolutions there arerepositories of free images and imagesthat you can use if you cite the authoryou’ll see quite commonlyum images will say thanks to johnalderson with a link underneaththere are different types of thatlicensing and different um differentlegal frameworks around it
complex to dig into all the differentvariants likeyou can use this image and you can cropit but you can’t rotate it as long asyou cite meand there are all sorts of variants ofthese rules and you’ve got to get itright otherwise people get very veryangryum this is a real problem in wordpressland because there’s lots of peoplepublishingposts and putting images and they don’t
so um automatic which is the companyrun by matt mullenweg who startedwordpress which isum deeply entwined with the wordpressecosystembought um what’s it calledwhat’s the thing called the is it’s thecreative commons image search orsomething like thatyeah absolutely bought that part out ofcreative commons anddonated it to the wordpress project aswell as the
so now there will be in wordpresseventually like aan automatic free image search thingwhere you can manage all that licensingand maybe some of it will happenautomatically in the background and youcan just say only show me images i’mallowed to use for free etc etcreally nice now the bigger thing that’shappening as part of this ishaving brought this new thing intowordpressum has created what they’re calling the
which is wordpress plus image searchplus presumably other things as we goalong which will all aim toum bundle together open source platformsand projects that make it easier to umpublish content and to democratizepublishing as is thethe ethos of wordpress so it’s a nicenew toy it should bequite impactful it’ll certainly makeday-to-day publishing easier andmanaging images betterand mean that we all stop stealing
i i like it yeah it’s a greatenhancement tothe ecosystem i think okay um that wasour wordpress news and then we have someyoast news for as far as it is differentfrom wordpress news um we landed yourseo 16.3since last month which had a very coolnew featurewhich uh jono came up with and i codedand then the team testedum which allows you to go if you haveused as your premium
your schema by quite a bit umyeah this can be useful especially ifyou have a knowledge graph showing upfor your namesome of this stuff is actually literallytaken out of there and used in thatknowledge graph like your gender yourbirthday and stuff like thatum it’s really cool stuffum we also released a new version of ourwoocommerce seo pluginwith this awesome and i really reallylike this myself
isum the first time that we’ve done oursnippet preview and made it richso this is uh this will take all thedata from your product pageprice availability rating etc and giveyou a nicenice nice preview of that in thesnippet preview um yeahwe like it if you if you think heyi have woocommerce seo oh i havewoocommerce and i have used seo but idon’t have this
missing our woocommerce seo pluginwhich powers all of this this is whereyou can goand get that um so farfor the ad um and then uhwe’ve been celebrating five years of ourreadability analysisum we’ve been uh well doing a bit of uhbeating our own chest in a way in inlooking back andrealizing hey five years ago nobody inthe seo space was talking aboutreadability
readability and ii credit us for doing that and iactually credit my wife for coming upwith the fact that this should besomething that we should be doingum and then i credit irene and the restof our uhlinguists for building all of thisawesome stuff becauseit is awesome we have a lot of contentaround this recently sowhy readability is important why it’simportant that you write stuff
hardto reach a larger audience then one ofthe ways of reaching a larger audienceis actually using a language that morepeople understandsit’s not about dumbing down it’s aboutopening up yourcontent um with thati have done a couple of podcasts withour mutual friend chris jones a longlong long time friend of mine i actuallyum found a photo of uh chris and myselffrom 2008
seoum it was uh it was good to hang outwith him i think it was a good showthen an even better show with aremarkable person also called usmy wife and my boss and she’s awesome ummarika our ceo and umthe third and the con that’s coming uptomorrow is an episode withnicholas stott another mutual friend ofme and jonosum she’s an agency owner from the uk andwe’ve actually
quarters of an houron when you should hire an seo agencyhow you should think about that whathappens what’s important in the processetcif you are thinking about hiring an seoagency i think this isa must listen umwith that i have something else that iwant to talk aboutwe want to talk about our yoastdiversity fund and to talk aboutdiversity i’m gonna bring in
what we doso yeah taco this is your thing rightyes absolutely um soever since it started i’ve been involvedwith the diversity fundand we used to use that to sponsorpeople to overcome thewell let’s just put itout there very blunt the white malelineups at tech conferencesum yeah i know the three of us aren’tsetting the right example here but heythat’s what that’s what it sets out to
absolutely yes so umthe thing is we sponsored people to umto to go to conferences and we wouldtake away the financial barrier thatwould prevent them tooif they were adding diversity to thatlineup so we were diversifying speakerlineupsthe problem is since this pandemicthingythere are not very many in-personconferencesthe good thing about it is that all the
are so much more accessible now toeveryoneso there’s a lot less of a financialbarrierto to attendand to speak at conferences but westill want to increase the diversity ofwordpressso we came up with a repurposed versionof our diversity fund so if you have aproject that you want to work onin wordpress and you are part of atypically
then please please please go toour diversity front page and i can talkand chat at the same time but i’ll putthe link in the chatunless or yost beats me to itum and apply for the diversity fundyou have a few days left butwe cannot stress enough if you arepart of an underrepresented group andyou want to work on wordpress and we cantake away financial barriersthat will help you do so please pleaseplease do apply
not part of an underrepresented groupbut i wouldreally like to do a project that targetsan underrepresented groupthen also do apply because all the helpthat we can get to diversify wordpressis worth it so please please pleaseshare the linkapply make some noise because there’sabout five days left to applyyeah thanks taco umi yeah i we can’t stress enough howimportant this is to us
understand it i don’t make jokes aboutdiversity other than when i can jokeaboutthe three of us being white males umyeah thank you taco and with that i amthroughmost of our stuff and i want to inviteyou to make sure that wethat you join us for the next seo newswebinarum which is going to be on june 29th andilook forward to that already um
some questions becausewe seem to have had a few yes absolutelyby the way if people want to registerfor the next webinar there’s a buttonat the bottom of your screen it justappeared it’s it’s sort of a blinkyeffect thingy soit should be easy to find click it andsign up for the next onewhile you do that we havealmost 20 questions lined up if yoursisn’t in the lineup yet then now wouldbe the right time to head over to the
section and add your questionsand if there’s a specific one that youreally want to see answered make surethat youupvote your favorite question so thefirst one isuh was asked early in our in our webinarso we briefly already talked aboutdifferent image formats but i thinkthere’s a few more things you canadd here so are there any seo advantagesto using webpimages over png or jpeg
speed improvementi’m wrecking my brains and i can’t thinkof anything umthough related it’s not always going tobe better to use webpsometimes a png might be faster or evena jpegum check out squooshdal app that ilinked to earlier for playing with thebest formati don’t think there’s anything out likeit’s um webp supported in everything nowall the tools expected music i don’t
advantage other than it being a thousandtimes fasteryeah which should be enough to get to ityeah all right um the next oneis changing or optimizing file namesworth it as far as seo goesi wouldn’t bother if you’ve alreadycreated the images and they alreadyexist not these to which because you’llneed to create the redirectsbut moving forwards definitely make itpart of your workflow i’mreasonably sure yes that your blog post
um you should name them sensiblyyep um yeah you do need to name themsensibly and and fix thati wish wordpress made that a bit easierin many waysum it doesn’t so you need to do thatbefore youupload them um i have many thoughts onhow we could improvethis process in wordpress but honestlythat’s going to benot non-trivial because a whole lot ofthis stuff
and um wordpress doesn’t know a lot ofthe relationswith images and your content so if youuse an image twicein two different posts and wordpressonly knows about one of themso there’s a whole lot of problems therethat weand we are intending to solve with justa ceo but we’vein a way only just started to to to dothat so we have a table now in yoursociety we create where we know which
so we can do fun stuff with that ialready saw the suggestion like heyare you gonna create redirectsautomatically where you delete an imagethings like that um i have a lot ofthoughts ia lot of these things i want to buildunfortunately i don’t haveum unended resources and developmentso um oh but if you want this is the jobadyes yeah so yeah wewe are hiring also we opened up remote
um so if you’re a developer and you’reworking in a time zone that’s relativelyclose to usin europe then we would love to talk toyou if you want to talk to usum and yeahthat’s it i see a good question by mygood friend ann donnellyhi alex good to see you again um who’sasking whether we need to do anythingdifferent forgoogle assistant alexa siri etc umwell yes but probably also all different
which is what we’re sort of the troublestartsum which is why we are such bigproponents of schema.orgbecause we would like to standardizesome of this stuffbecause otherwise we’ll all go nutsum we have as so right now if you lookat the ecosystem and how it worksyou have facebook metadata that is beingread by facebook and linkedin andtwitterand um well a lot of other sites
then youhave um old twitter specific metadatathe slack readsthere’s all these different things thatumwell that are out there and we wouldlike to slowly replace all of them withschemaum structured data and schema will bethe replacement uh order thing for allof that i think and you’re alreadyseeing some of thatum a lot of that structured data is
experiences because for recipes etcyou can already see what google doeswith that in google assistantand it’s actually quite cool yeahis that a topic that we should talkabout more voice searchand voice seoyeah it’s just a different interface andmaybe you want to be looking to providesnappier shorterbullet point um content but you shouldbe doing that anywayall right and then we get to our monthly
ever touched on this yoast is there anynews on the yoast divi integrationall right this is why i normally don’tdo product announcementsbecause you end up saying we’re workingon something and then people will askyou about itand then you have to say yeah we’reworking on itso it’s still in the works we haven’tforgotten about itno absolutely not um i will saythat it’s interesting to see the trends
um in the page builder ecosystemi should probably do a post on that atsome point in the near futurebecause what we we track a lot of dataof course on our users and we see thatdivi is actually rather stableelementor is growing like crazyand some of the others are shrinkingwhich is in a way good newsclassic editor shrinking in usage toowhich is good to see so there’s a lothappening in that spaceall right um so the question just
votes uhto the best of your knowledge are othernon-google search engines also usingschemaabsolutely yeah yandax was one of thebiggest users of schemauh right from the start bing uses itextensivelyum microsoft content behind the scenesbehind bing in like all the google allthealso all the windows cortana stuff loadsand loads of stuff
build a search engine right now is goingto use itbecause it’s the cheapest way for searchengines toto well to build a search engineso it’s not just google you optimize forall at once when you’re using schemayeah i think that’s absolutely good toknowum the next question is quite a long oneuh jason says i’m with a tv network wedo a lot ofvideo that doesn’t have a lot of text
since the description is typicallypretty short i don’t have an opportunityto doa lot of keywords in the text what doyou recommendi do to get a greater presenceum i think we actually he also askedabout jw player i think we only removedthat recently jason to be honestum because nobody’s using that anymoreteams it’s a bit old school isn’t it asa piece of attackwhich is which is in a way sad because
um umyeah umhonestly what i would do if you havesubtitles or transcriptsi would add those and make thoseaccessible and thatwould probably open up like all of thecontent in thatshow a bit better and transcripts youcan do cheaply and effectively there arelots of third-party services that willdo it per minute per word per whateverthat are not expensive
good videosyeah and if you want to prove that youcould even beas sneaky as uploading it to youtubegrab the automaticallycreated transcripts and then umload those back into uh your playeri see jason just said in the chat we addthe captions intouh yeah so what you’d need to do at thatpointis add the captions to your schemaso that can actually be picked up as
um that might take a bit of coding butit should berelatively simple and if you’re buildinga jw player then it’s probablytoo doable um look at developer.eos.comfor our schema api and if you can’tfigure it out send me a tweetthat would be at yeah j dewalkon twitter umall right so we’ve been talking aboutcore web vitals a lot the past monthsuh and we’ve always said they would behere in may
asking are they pushed to octoberthe end of august last thing i heard umand that might change again and actuallythis is quite topical right now there’sa lot ofum very confused messaging coming out ofgoogle i think yesterday todaylots of stuff on twitter where on onehand they’re sayingand reiterating don’t panic about thisit’s not going to be a huge rankingfactorit’s only a tiebreaker but then
go on to sayactually this might really affect somesites quite a lot i would ignore all thehyperbole and confusion and justremember thatspeed and performance is the same thingas user experienceand the good user experience is goodrankings is good conversionis good money is all the good things anddon’tjudge how much you invest on this basedon how much of a ranking
because it’s the right thing to be doingi i like the next question honestly ifwe’re going to take the top one taco umanders asks on elaborating on the ios14.5 privacy stuff related to theefficiency of your seo well funnilyenoughbecause we your seo optimizes fororganic searchum we don’t have anything to do withretargeting and actually i think we likeprivacy even more than apple doesso um
affect seoin fact um because of these changesin ios i think a lot of the othermethods of marketing that have become soprevalent over the last few years ofretargeting and all these other thingswill become harder and umwill become less effective andwith that seo becomes even more of agreat marketing channeland the only thing that you might getbecause of that is a bit morecompetition
and seo has always been demand driveninstead ofpush like a lot of those um uhwell marketing methods areand more it’s it’s why i love seo i’m imean i’m a marketer that’s my backgroundialso of course i also develop but i am adigital marketer at heartand i just don’t like the pushy stuff ilike the demand driven stuffthe stuff where people search forsomething and you give it to them
good result for that search that’s whereseo isthat’s not going anywhere um and it’sit’ll keep on workingall right um sosince we are almost out of time there isone question that iknow there are two questions that ireally really reallywant you to take a look at and the firstoneis by boss and he asks having a sitetargeted for holland
description in english or should i keepit in dutchhonestlyif you can’t do boththen i would do dutchbut i would suggest doing bothbecause there’s quite a few people inthe netherlands thatum well that don’t have dutch as a firstlanguagein fact there are more people who haveenglish as a second language inthe netherlands than there are in uk
yeah that’s what i’d say i would i wouldgo for both if possible if you can’t gofor dutchand both would mean that you create amultilingualwebsite which is hardslightly yes if you haven’t done thatbefore i know there’s a course about ityeah so multilingual seo is somethingthat we have courses about and thingsabout it’s not easy i’m not gonna lieit’s but if you but multilingual for twolanguages
sitesum more than two ispainful yeah if the product is the sameand the audience is essentially the sameother than living somewhere else thenone multilingual site if if it it’sdistinctly different in thoseterritories thantwo sites but obviously this one countryso yeah one multilingual siteall right and then i promisedyou a last question and i know you’vebeen scrolling
i’m talking about it’s not thereit’s a question that i have for youum because we are at theend of may and that means thatthere’s just a few more days to applyfor the yoast diversity fundwhat project would you love to seesubmittedfor the fundum what would you love fixed inwordpresslet’s make it easier well i i’d like toi’d like to fix multilingual and
so if someone’s up for that umhell yeah that’s goodso um i i’mmultilingual and wordpress is harderthan it should be so that that isprobably the thing thatthat i would talk about and there’s likethere’s quite a few things there’sthere’s loads of good stuff that we thatshould be fixed in wordpress andor around wordpress i think uh actuallyopenverse which we talked about earlieralso opens up a whole lot of
can do umso yeah i think there’s i think there’sa lot of things that we can do thereall right and i see that jono’s audiobrokeso i’m back oh you’re back oh sorrythank you yeah we’re also up to the fullhour so do you have a quick answer jonoor should we get people tosign up for next month’s webinar imissed off the question so let’s let’squietly edge away andget people on next time i’ll have an
yes all right so um next monththe 29th of june we’ll be back withanotherseo news webinar click the button belowthere’s a perfect call to action thegreen button that’sbeen flashing for the past 20 minutesclick it and we’ll see you againnext month good morning

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