SEO news webinar | September 2021

so wehave a lot of things to discussuh we have google news we have microsoftnews we have wordpress news we haveother tech news and we have some yoastnews because apparently we are not technewscome for the seo news stay for tacosjokes excellent yes that’s how we’regoing to rebrand the whole thing yeah ii i couldn’t agree with you more uh tacois the main act we are just yeah yeahthat’s it um
anyway let’s dive in because we have alot to cover google newsgoogle’s page experience update hasrolled outwe’ve been talking about this for like ahundred years now right yeah yeah atleast 2011 i think was the earliest signi found of google saying that page speedwas a thing and yeah it feels like thatthat was a while agouh yeah i have kidsyounger than that yeah um so um[Music]
anything new that we should tell aboutthisuh i don’t think so but i guess a briefsummary we’ve talked about this a lotfor a long time google have spent thelast few years saying that page speed isimportant and more recently um they’verolled out their measurements for coreweb vitals which are a nice set ofmetrics for measuring speed and otherthings and then they started saying coreweb vitals metrics would be a rankingfactor so if you have a fast site you
probably rank worse umnot the biggest ranking factor in theworld and certainly depends on whetheryou’re faster or slower than yourcompetitors but definitely means it’sworth paying attention to none of thisis new it’s just done and official andout there in the wild now so um yeah ifyou haven’t cracked on withmeasuring monitoring managing your sitespeed it’s definitely time to get on topof thatyeah and it looks like this research by
we can provethat it has a ranking impact yeah thisis great because google’s communicationswere a bit muddy to say the least insome cases they said this wouldn’t be aranking factor in some cases they saidit would be but only a tiebreaker likeif everything else is equal and ofcourse nothing else is ever equal you’vegot different sites or different contentand different everything and in someother cases they said it would be a bigranking factor so we didn’t really know
some great research um using a wholebunch of their metrics looking at whichsites have done better and which siteshave done worse comparing it to theircore web vitals metrics and yeah thestudy shows that if you have a fastersite you might well do anywhere betweenmaybe five ten thirty percent betterthan your competitors so this isdefinitely worth looking at and evenmore so if you know that yourcompetitors aren’t very fast so yeahthis this should be something you’re
um and then wefound something that i thought wasincredibly cool and then you had somevery good comments on thatum yeah but web vitals patterns explainto us what this is in in theoryyeah this isreally nice in theory so um is agoogle website with a whole bunch ofexamples and documentationand resources on how to build good stuffand fast stuff and secure stuff this webvitals patents was um attempts to solve
a very fast site and you’re not surewhere to start you might well say okayi’ve used core web vitals i’ve usedlighthouse i’ve used the metrics and itsays that actually i’ve got a problemwith the carousel on my home page or theimages in my footerwhat web vitals patterns does it saysactually a lot of components of webpages are pretty much the same onecarousel isn’t that different to anotherand there are good ways of coding thesetypes of things and it gives you some
approaches on how you might make thatbit faster so it’s mostly a kind ofdeveloper resource but it’s really niceto see google going from saying just doit well to say okay and here are someresources and examples that you canlearn from nowsome of theseyou could definitely make an argumentthat they’re not perfect um there aresome bits they’ve missed there are somebits that conflict with some of theirother guidelines but if you’re looking
you have a specific problem that’s to dowith images or pop-up windows orsomething similar this is a greatresource to jump intocool and i’ve lost once again my screenlast time we talkedfor a bittoo muchabout titles and now title gate which wethe fact that we’re even calling intitle gate is giving it a lot of honorisn’t it um but it continuesso yes they’ve updated their
yeah i think the pressure from the seoindustry on everybody saying hey googleplease stop um misrepresenting my brandand please stop destroying myclick-through rate because you’rerewriting my titles into nonsense mighthave touched a nerve at google so theywrote this documentation saying um twothings essentially we’ve we’ve dialed itback a bit so something likeit was appearing onsomething like it was 13 it’s now only10 or something like that um but also
the house and the whys of where they’rechanging it nothing profound but it’squite nice to see them acknowledgingthat this is a thingum i guess the the practical takeaway isthat this doesn’t look like it’s goingaway it looks like they’re committed toit and they’re going to continue to keepchanging people’s titles where theythink they can do a better job so wereally just need to adapt to that andtry and manage that and monitor it asbest we can
this nice case studyyeah this was lovely this is dr petefrom moss who many people will have comeacross um yes studied 8 000 title tagrewrites trying to find um commonpatterns like they’re not rewriting themrandomly they have reasons and rationaleand a lot of them are fairly obviousit’s things like well this page didn’thave a title or the title was back tofront or it repeated a word and reallysimple things and it definitely makessense in those cases for google to say
job but there were also cases where theydid it wrong where it wasn’t clear whatthe brand name was and they restructuredthe whole thing in a way that was weirdor they chopped out words i guess umif this is here to stay and certainlythe research suggests that it is um youreally need to be more actively checkingyour title tags both at template leveland individually page by page so ifyou’re using those two hey through thesearch appearance settings go throughand check your template logic makes
sense that your author archives makesense and so on and then also go throughand check page by page i would aim umfor being as short and succinct as youcan while still fully describing thepage which is really hard right use asfew words as possible but as many asneeded so certainly don’t overdo it youdon’t need a thousand words in yourtitle that’s more things for google toget wrong but don’t chop it right downso yeah it’s a tough balancing actyou heard it here first people you don’t
seo tipsi ithat is the best seo tip we’ve given ina decadethis was uh more on point actually thana whole lot of other thingsumsmart internal linking i love it one dayyeahreally nice so the seo industry obsessesabout links for better or worse butinternal links aren’t that trendyoh i think i can hear an echo of me on
internal links have never beenparticularly trendy but you can reallyreally achieve some impressive impact byhelping google to understand thestructure of your site helping themdiscover your most important pageslinking users through your content torelevant stuff can be useful hey theycan find the answers to the questionsthey’re looking for all of this is goodand it’s great to see google saying payattention to this now the specificexample on that link in the case study
the principle is really strong that youneed to use internal links to signpostgoogle to all your important stuff sowell worth looking atuh i see a question in the chat for thelinks i think taco can drop those in orsomeone else from the team or we will wewill certainly share those yes um therewas research by search pilot uh our goodfriends over at search pilot i shouldsay umand this is kind of funny right they diduh research into increasing the number
of a customer’s homepage which is notsomething i would normally recommendpeople doincasesat the same time it always worksyeah it looks a little bit nervousyeah and this is in this example you cansee in the tweet they said this was anecommerce site that already had 30 linksin the footer and if you think as a userthat’s a lot like i only want to buy onething so 30 choices is already a lot of
like yeah this is a full-on site map inthe footer butwhat this doesn’t cover when you diginto it this was a big and complex sitethat had many many pages and many manycategories not the best internalarchitecture so yes they put a lot ofnot great quality links on their homepage butter but they helped googleunderstand which the most importantpages were and how to get them and thatprioritization um gave them an uplift offive to ten percent on their um
so the takeaway isn’t put 100 links inyour footer the takeaway is make surethat um you are helping direct google toyour most important contentwell i think the biggest takeaway hereis is indeed that is a site structureand just fixing your internal linkingis hugely important to your rankingsyeah which is something that we’ve beenseeing for a whileumyou know what we even have this pluginthat has all these functionality for it
internal linking functions just becauseof that and our recent new workouts areeven moremore ways of improving your internallinking and really making your site rankbetter it actually works go try it yeahthe workouts are really cool actuallythis isn’t isn’t a huge over plug butthe workouts are really cool we kind ofautomatically scan all your content andwork out where you should be linking towhat from what in a really intuitive waywhich is nice i’ve also just seen a
check out yoast academy we have courseson this stuff that teaches you thebasics really cool yeah absolutely andit’s it’s is really well in many waysvery cool um i always flinch when i seean image or a picture of john mewwithout glasses on uhbut um because it feels like he’scheatingbutchanging wordpress themes can influencerankingsi was like duh but apparently this is
yeah i think um in the wordpress spacewe’ve kind of normalized the idea thatyou might change your theme every weekyou might okay i’m going to change to ablue one i’m going to change to one thathas two sidebars instead of one andthat’s quite a normal thing in wordpressi think the seo in me goes ah that’s abit scary becausethe theme isn’t just the color the themeis all of your html it’s all of yourjavascript all of your css all of theway that your images load all the
your theme is all the stuff that googleconsumes so if you’re changing thatyou’re potentially introducing a lot ofrisk whereone small aspect of that might changehow google perceives the quality of yourpage or it might change how usersinteract with it if you do somethingthat increases your bounce rate thatmight um negatively impact your seo soyeah changing themesmight mean nothing at all but it mightbe a huge deal you’re essentially
so um people really underestimate theimpact of that definitely be consciousthat if you’re going to go through thosekinds of changes you really need to beanalyzing everything that is changingand making sure that it’s not making amess well and in fact most most of thetime changing a theme alsochanges how you’re linking internallybecause yeahit changes a lot about how you set upyour menus how youuh where you’re linking to what and so
just changing a colorum if you just change the backgroundcolor of your site that’s not going toimpact your rank your rankings but ifyou change the the whole layout andstructure then yes of courseand there we go again to the next onegoogle wants toindex tik tok and instagram videosyeah and i understand why they want todo this because they say that they wantto in their mission statement is theywant to
make it universally accessible andusefultry saying that out fastumbutand they’re missing entire parts of theweb that are creating more content thananything else at the moment yeah youlook at youtube’s a big deal like it’sthe second biggest search engine in theworld and it makes them a lot of moneybut it doesn’t have any tick tockcontent in it and there are billions of
that’s a big drive for themyeah so um yeahit makes sense we’ll see where this goesumyeah it might match nothing but i thinkinterestingly for me you think back to2015google didn’t have tweets in the searchresults and not until they did a licenselike this with twitter to get access toit and now it’s perfectly normal togoogle something and see some relevanttweets and actually quite often they’re
they’re right in the moment not justnews but things like product reviews andinformation it’s become a really normalpart of the search results i don’t thinkit would be particularly alien to getshort form video from tik-tok orwhatever instagram in the search resultsas well that might influence buyingdecisions or research processes or userbehaviornah i agree uh but it could be very coolso um with that there wasn’t any moregoogle news that we find worthy of
because i already thought this was atiny bit boringso here’s a request to our friends atgoogle to make something that actuallymakes me want to talk about itdan we had some microsoft news and thiswas actuallyyou described this to me jono andbecause i’m a mac user and i don’tdefinitelyas discover for windowsyeah so we’ve talked about googlediscover previously which is um when you
devicesbefore you search you get a whole loadof recommendations like like a news feedwhat’s interesting about this is it’spersonalized based on a whole bunch offactors including your search historyand other stuff and it changes the waythat search works i’m no longer typingin a keyword and getting resultsgoogle is preemptively giving mesuggestions and this very muchis microsoft’s equivalent baked intowindows windows 11 so windows 11 is
and being rolled out everyone willupgrade for free this is millions andmillions and millions and millions ofdevices which will get a personalizednews feed as part of their home homedesktop experience where they’re nottyping in keywords and i think from anseo perspective this is reallyinteresting because i still want mycontent to rank and be visible anddiscovered there but i can’t optimize myrankings for keywords instead i’ve gotto optimize for
i behave like a media outfit do iproduce timely content do i do reviewsdo i produce support content do i havean opinion am i timely all of thesethings thatare unlikely to convert and sell but aregoing to windiscovery and preference and brandfamiliarity way at the top of the funnelfor a much broader audience so reallythe seo strategy moves beyond just howdo i write content to rank for mykeywords into how do i produce and
anything that helps audiences discoverand engage with mereally really broadly which is a reallyhard ask but otherwise you’ll find thatyou don’t get discovered in theseenvironments no and the funny thing isthat discover actually is driving awhole lot of traffic to a lot of peopleand this could very well also startdriving a whole lot of trafficso yeah i’m very curious to see wherethis goes and and alsocurious to see how easy it is to get
find outyeahand then um because microsoft actuallydidn’t do anything elseum we have some wordpress news umwordpress 5.9 scope has been starting tobe discussedum most of it’s about full site editingum which is the continuation of ourbeloved gutenberg projectumwhere we’re slowly movingtowards a future in which a
a page builder basically is part ofwordpress core itselfumi think it actually is a good change buti’m hoping that itwell the 5.9 will actually bring us astepfurther for realyeah it feels like we’ve been talkingabout this for a while and there’s a lotof plans and a lot of things that are inthe pipeline but we’re not seeing a lotof it yet but this should be the moment
think um that’s as good a reason as anyto say again start playing with theblock editor if you’re not usinggutenberg if you’re still on the classiceditor plugin i would take this as anopportunity to go and prepare for thefuture again we said this last timeyes you can just use classic editor andavoid gutenberg if you just want towrite words on a page but if you want tocompete you need to use the right toolsto publish the best content and theblock editor really is that now that
interesting question just now about umwhen we were talking about changingthemes and changing css and things andhow that might affect you in a blogbased world i think there’s a reallyinteresting question of if i’m doingfull site editing and my site is builtof blockshow how what’s the answer to thequestion how do i make that safe whathappens if i change bits of my theme allthe time i don’t think there’s any goodanswers to that yet so it’s worth
side of this what even is a page whenall the blocks are interchangeable andmight be tweaked and moved independentlywe shall find outyeahthere’s a lot of very interestingdiscussions going on there um our own uhwordpress core team adjust is veryinvolved in a whole lot of theseuh discussions and well i when we knowwe’ll tell you but we don’t know eitheryet yepum i have a very nice slide here that
in uh is that in five nineyes i think so frantic googling um letme just double check that i’m talkingabout it earlier today so right yeahthis is really really really niceum becausein the in the past galleries wassomething that you installed a pluginforandwell with thisit has all the things that you i thinkyou’d want in a in a normal gallery so
anymore you have a gutenberg nativegallery that that looks good and seemsto work quite nicelyyeah and this is coming in 5.9apparently and also this should be somuch faster than any of the plugins thatyou currently need to do this that addtons of javascript and html governs thisbecause it’s native should be prettysleek so yeah be really exciting to seeum how this plays out you can alsotinker with this in much more detailthan you can
individual image behavior and stylingand stuff looks really coolyeah i i really look forward to this isee some people asking in the chat likeis this going to be faster than otherstuff etc yesand if not we’ll make sure it is yeah umand there’s actually quite a few peopleuhinterested in performance improvementsfor wordpress luckily so we are workingtogether with some other peopleum
i can’t say much more about that butkeep watching this space maybe watch thenext webinar i think we’ll havesomething to tell you by thenuhbut yeah nowe will make sure it’s fast it is one ofthe things that we doum and then there’s a whole bunch ofother tech news that we need to talkabout umfirst of alllet’s set the stage a bit um jono take
but i think quite important sorry um somuch of the free internet and theservices we use every day are powered byads andthat comes with pros and cons righthistorically there has been very littlegovernance andlegally mechanically technically on howthose ads work and that has led today toa world full of privacy issues andperformance issuesandthat is starting to be addressed uh by
and gradually we’re standardizing howthe ad industry and ad networks andindividual adverts should work and whatthe privacy rules are and how theyshould be implemented the big thingthat’s going to change in the next fewyears is thatmany browsers including chrome will stopsupporting third-party cookies now itdoesn’t sound particularly exciting butwhat that means is a huge chunk of theless well-behaved ad industry will startto struggle their revenues will drop
will radically change the face of theinternet um huge amounts of freeservices will struggle if your blog ismonetized by running ads you mightexpect to see your revenues a halfovernight maybe nobody really knows yetnobody knows where this is goingand it’s quite hard to give specificrecommendations but there is a hugechange on the horizon it’s gettingpushed back a bit but in the next fewyears the very shape of the internet isgoing to change quite considerably and
you’re relying on ads change yourcontent strategy if you’re um tiedheavily into networks of sites that arerun on ads then re-evaluate thosepartnerships start thinking about therole that advertising through banner adsand things plays in your ecosystem andthink what happens if that suddenlystarts to fall apart a bit maybe ishould rely more on affiliate marketingor lead generation and other options butstart thinking about that now becauseit’s going to be pretty profound when it
well it’s already facebook in their uhnumbers recently said that they wereactually suffering quite hard fromapple’s uh tracking changes apple isbeingquite aggressive and actuallyblocking a whole lot of thisand um that’s actually costing companieslike facebook and google a lot of moneyum which i would say is a good thingbecause that’s money that is probablywell shouldn’t have been spent that wayin that at that point
interesting to see where this goes inmany many waysi think i guess the seo advice is thesame as usual which is that you need tobe building a brand and being apublisher andcreating and building an audience whotrusts you who uses you as a resourcebecause then whatever changesmechanically in the web you can stillreach and connect with that audience youcan collect their email addresses youcan have conversations and you’re not
can i get to view my adverts it’s easiersaid than done but that’s the directionof travelso and then we come to our regular adsection and i promise this is not a paidfor and but umand the the thing is that wewe keeppromoting this single company and it isbecause this single company calledcloudflare keeps putting out stuffthat isincredible and their
uh thebuilding out new things is ridiculousi don’t know how to do it and every timei look at it i’m like oh wowum so yeah this this week is theirbirthday week congratulations cloudflareor i’m turning 10. um they’re youngerthan us um so we uhyeah we we haveuhparent like feelings for them no it’snot true they’re much biggerbut yeah this um signed exchanges on
to read than what it really is isn’t ityou knowyeah so if you’ve followed any of thediscussions around amp you’ll havenoticed that umwhen you search for something in googleand you click on an amp result it loadsinstantly that’s because google does awhole bunch of clever gubbins and theypre-cache and automatically load thaturl before you click it so super superlightning fastsigned exchanges allows anybody to do
somebody searches for a keyword they seeyour site they click it and google hasalready loaded that url so it literallyloads instantly even if you’ve got aslow site even if you’re not optimizedit very well it’s already loaded andthey’re ready in the browser that’s ahuge deal and this has beentechnically possible since about aprilbut really really hard to implement forthe average site owner cloudflare nowhas a waiting list for a feature thatjust automatically turns it on and a
that’s the biggest one for me is we cannow use google to kind of bypass all ofour performance issues now you shouldstill make a fast site you should stillprovide a good experience but this iseven faster and even more on top andyeah it’s one of three or four hugespeed boosting features that cloudflarehave launched recently if you’re notalready playing with cloudflare go get afree account whack it in front of yourwebsite and put your feet up because youare done for the week
i i can’t imagine doing a whole lot ofperformance work with that class playeranymore to be honestwhich is also a bit scary because iwould likefor it to bea bit more on an open stack somewherethat everybody was using butunfortunately that’s not really feasiblei thinkyeah they are increasingly the backboneof the internet alongside the googlesand the amazons but this is this is the
yeah inin in talking about lesser of evilshopify is the company that we keepcheering on especially because it is theanti-amazon in many waysyes and this is another step in thatdirection rightyeah it is and it’s great to see them uminvesting more in seo type stuff nowthis isn’t directly seo but it’s a niceside effect they have launched um aglobalcommerce hub they’re calling it which is
want to expand my market into germanyand america this weekthat’s nightmarishly complicated from alogistics legallanguage tax shipping perspectivethey’ve made all that much easier andyou can just go yep we’re now going tostart selling in spain and we’re goingto have different shipping rules andwe’re going to have different productinventory and different pricing rulesand it makes it really really easy youcan do this sort of stuff with
plugins that all don’t quite worktogether and it all gets a bit jankyit’s really nice that this is sleek andyou just go yep i’m rolling outinternationallyyeah multi-currency and multilingual ishorrible and especially because you’relocalizing across twodifferent umthings at that point soyou’re you’re localizing by language andand by currency which also means thatyou you need a different site for spain
you probably have different currenciesin the eyes it justbecomes so super painfulum let’s start about something elsebecause i’ll get depressedand to make to cheer me up we’re goingto talk about facebookyeah i almost glossed over this storybecause it just felt a bit more facebookof all that more business tools butthere was one thing that stuck out whichwe should have got a screenshot ofactually which is that um one of the
they are allowingusers tospecify topic ah is this ityes they’re allowing users to specifytopics that they’re interested in and tonominate preferences in relation tobusinesses you can say um yes i’minterested in vegan food yes i’minterested i’m not but you get the ideai’m interested in whatever andfacebook can then use that to surfacerecommendations and options andinteractions
or microsoft’s options and this is ithink another example of this kind ofpreemptive search where these platformsaren’t waiting for the user to type akeyword they’re saying oh we have arecommendation for you we think you’lllike this and the same story applies youcan only really get into those spacesa if you’re a good fit for what the usermight want which is a challenge initself but then b also behaving like apublisher having timely opinionated richmedia content that answers problems and
at the bottom of the funnel this is atrend that goes so much further thanjust google discover if you want to wintomorrow’s seo game you have to be acontent publisher not just writingcontent for keywords and it’s such abroader thingyeah and there’s also so many otheraspects to this soi[Music]sort of want a worldwhere i
and i haven’t been to the store yet itshould start recommending me a arestaurantnearby that some of my friends have goneto recentlyandfacebook has all the ingredients to dothatother than handling the fear that thatwill createyeahyeah i i’ve given up on that butyeah you’re probably right
you to redo what you said when you firstsaw twitteryeah umit seems like every social mediaplatformfeels that they really have to recreateevery feature on every other socialmedia platforms like everything now hasstories everything now has live videoandto be fair twitter doesn’t have storiesanymore no they’ve been that that’s truegood and i like that they were brave
this is twitter doing a thing thatreddit already does now i’vei’ve neveras a tech geek it may surprise you i’venever got into reddit and it’s because ithink it’s already very well establishedit’s a little bit scary it’s its ownecosystem with its own rules and thecontent is hard to get intotwitter communitiesis very similar to reddit but twitterso i can join a group which is focusedon hey technical seo and it’s twitter
and i’m not allowed to say certainthings like recommending the wrongplugins and there are moderationmoderators who might have rules andmight kick me out if i’m offensive andwe start to see a different flavor oftwitter which might be reallyinteresting it might do a lot of whatreddit does but better for a differentaudience it might be a great way tobuild groups and communities andconversations and help support andspecialist groups i don’t know yet but i
we shall see it might take a bite out ofthe reddit ecosystemespecially if google are indexing it andthe way they’re indexing tweets yousuddenly start these becomemini websites for topic expertise thatcould be interesting yeah yeah i thinkthis could be really cool i i really dolike twitter so i umyeah i think this has a great greatpotentialnicholas in the chat rightly points outit could just exacerbate the echo
issue if i join a twitter group that isfull of people who only agree with meand only talk about the things i agreewith i don’t think that’s good for theworld um but we’ll see how well that’smanaged i agree that any group that onlyagrees with you is not a goodriskyyeah it’s going too farum yeah so we’ve done a couple ofupdates recently uh yoast seo 17.1definitelybrought a couple of changes regarding
google’s stupid things had to changesome of our rule sets etc umas i said before we have this cool proplugin called usa premium it’s payingfor all our salaries which is importantbecause my salary is important to methank you very muchso and all the effort we put intolaunching great features yeah oh yeahum we also released woocommerce seo 14.4which hasan uh well we overhauled the analysisthat we’re doing here seo so all the
tailored a bit more to woocommerce andto productsum i i think that’s actually a greatchange if you don’t know whatwoocommerce seo is wellit is an add-on to your seo that helpsyou drivetraffic to your online storethen in yoast seo 17.2 we added areadability analysis for farsi which ifyou don’t know what it is it’s thelanguage they speak in large parts ofiran
it’s always cool to add new languagesthat we know a lot of our users use wehave a lot of users in iran and althoughthey’re not able to buy from us sorrywe’re part of a us company now so we’renot allowed to sell to youand we are very happy to ship uh farsito themi did a podcast with our good friendmike king uh who is not only the bestrapper in the world and his domain saysbut is also a great seo so do listen tothat podcast if you
og seos rambling about i think wehad a couple of very good things inthere on internal linking personas andother um fun stuff yeah that was areally good one i really enjoyed it goodthank you i like hearing that and thenumour great ceo and my lovely wife marikadida webinar workshop however you want tocall it on how to write readable contentnow at least half of you need tolisten to this because
isn’t actually readablesoum you can watch a replay of that forfree just go there have fun etceteraumif you want to learn more well there’salways more we have yoast academy and itisfilled to thetop with a lot of seo wordpress and uhwriting stuff umhave fun with it there’s a lot of freecourses and if you buy your cco premium
academy so you can get a whole lot ofcourses and a whole lot of training inand with thatthis is the queue for taco to join ususually um yeah and we will announcethat the next webinar is on october 19thit is soon actuallyit is it’s a bit sooner because it’s uma holiday in the netherlands the weekafter so that’s why we’re a bit earlyyeah so i’ll be in italy the week afterthat’s goodnice
though so you could have just joined butwe’re doing it on the 19th of octoberanywayand if you want to sign up there is avery nice flashy green button at thebottom of your screensomove that mouse clicky clicky and makesure that you aresigned up for the next webinaruh there’s actually another nice featurein crowdcast because you can followyoast
near the top of your screen there is afollow button and if you click that youget all the updatesumright in your mailbox so then you don’thave to wait for us to tell you when thenext one is because crowdcast will keepyou postedso with that i think there are a fewquestionsand we have a very long oneby jane that was upvoted a lotif you have an old news post that is not
time to optimize iti understand the page won’t rank wellbut will it harm the overall seo valueof my website so should i take it downrather than leave it theresoas would every seo answer alwaysthe answer iswe should make a jingle out of thisumso if it’s a a historic news post thathas value in in a historical contextthen keep it
um and thenuh that not really has a big historicalimpact to your company or whateverum then i would probably say delete itand redirect it to the home page orwhateverit is very easy if you have an activelike pr person orsomething like that to create newsevery day every week depending on thesize of your company and that adds upover over time so if you’ve been doingthat for a decade
site that basically don’t add any valueand at that point i really would suggestum removing itor no index them if they need to be keptfor a different reason but yeah then youcan protect yourself from them rankingwhen they shouldn’tyeahumin generalit isnews is important but it’s also likewhen you
things you also start to realize thatmaybe creating a post for every tinylittle thing on your website is also notthe best thing toso uh yeah so yeah there is a bit of auma a process to follow here but in ingeneral um i think the the fact that youare thinking about this is a very goodsign of what you’re doing to your seoyupall right so i think that’s a nicecompliment jane
rank at all or do they need to bepublished on a website to rank and showup on google alertsthis is really interesting i thinkbecause um yes social media posts candefinitely rank we see tweets ranking wesee facebook posts ranking we see bitsof linkedin rankingthey are on strong domains they can berelevant content they can do really wellthe question then iswhat’s the objective and what’s thevalue
might say you know whatif they’ve read my content and they’vediscovered my brand and they got whatthey were looking for does it matterwhether that was on twitter or my domainor you might say actually it’s reallyimportant to get them back to my websiteso that they can see my ads or fill inmy lead gen forms in which case yes youneed to embed the content on your siteor maybe even don’t rely on third-partyplatforms so really think about why am iputting this content on wherever i’m
for me so it dependsagain we never say that do weall right sothis is onewhere i’m not going to let you answer itwith it depends oh this is my favoritequestion thoughwhy do we need outbound links jello ahthis is this is so great umyou don’t technically so all of theresearch suggests that outbound links inyour content do not affect your rankingthey are not a ranking factor however
you to be less talking about yourselfthey force you to provide references toother resources which back up whatyou’re saying they force you to validateyour own expertise that means youproduce better content when you producebetter content you engage and solve yourusers problems better which means youget more linked to you get more userengagement metrics and you rank betterlinking to other places makes you bettercontentnot just that
chance of other people linking to youheavily improves yeahnow i will say that if you usewoocommerce seoand you’re optimizing your product pageyou’ll notice that we no longer tell youto linkto link outbecause on a product page it doesn’tactually make all that much sense to dothatbutum on the wider web the web is built by
content that doesn’t link to othercontent is a dead end the web doesn’tlike dead ends soumthere’s a reason we’re keeping it inthere even though we’re fairlyaware that it’s not a ranking factorit is because we think the web is abetter thing with that rule in itthan without itdoes not dependnothank you
answer again with the next questionuminternal links are important however ifi don’t add them in the article itselfin the content box but through abuilderbelow the article it doesn’t seem tocountbut does google still see them asinternal linksjust how it depends hereyes google sees them as internal linksum depends a bit on how you how you look
sothere’s there’s a couple of things thatyou need to be aware of when you umwhen you talk about links in generallinks have value because they are linksin and of themselvesso they are because page a links to pageb page b gets a bit of value from page athat’s how the page patreonalgorithm works that’s how basicallyevery algorithm that does something withlinks workat the same time we know from a lot of
valuefrom what is around the link from thecontext offrom which stuff is linkedand alinks blockbelow a postis something different than a linkwithin an article on a specific word orsectionsoitgoogle will still see it it’s not
is it as good as an in content linkwithin a paragraph i don’t think soum but yeah there there is just reasonsfor bothumand um well you you you can use bothit’s just that we don’t always recognizedepending on how your builder works etcetera et cetera et cetera uh i don’tmean yo seo so we might not give youcredit for those internal linksrighti promise that with this question you
that’s because there’s an additionalquestion to itand that is how many internal links aretoo many and how many are too fewi don’t think there is such athing umi i think that inif you look at wikipediaand look at how many internal linkspages can have there and they’re alluseful to users at some point i thinkthat should bethe judge
this link useful to people visiting mywebsiteif it is put it in if it’s not leave itatyepall rightumi’m going to skip one andgo to corey’s question what are the besttools to identify potential issuespresented in core web filesi can solve that with a link that i’vejust pasted in now but the summary is
good for scanning pages and finding outwhat’s going on and your google searchconsole account is really really goodfor site-wide issues and template levelissues go away through their stuff thedocumentation’s great it will point youin the right direction yeah check outthat um post for some other tools andoptionsright that’s a quick answer so for thosewho missed it in the chat i alsocommented on the question in thequestions and answer box with the same
umthen there is aquestion that is more related to ourproduct i guess is there a problem withusing the ampersand in titles in yoastmy recent post with an ampersand was notdisplayed properly in google but i’venever had that issue beforei don’t know sherry you’d actually haveto give me a more specific example tofor me to be able to figure it out umbut um i think our support team isotherwise happy to help you with that if
umi’m not aware of any problems there umbutyettheampersand is a special entity as theywould call it in in html and sometimeswhen your theme does stuff with it itmight actually go wrong for whateverreason so yeah happy to have a look buti don’t know specif the specifics hereyeah so if you want to reach out to thesupport team the best way to do so is
nice help button and that will give youdirect access to the yoast support teamumlet me scroll a bit because this is onethat a question that was asked evenbefore we started the webinar and wetalked a bit about itjust before because bianca said whensharing a web link in facebook messengerthat created metadata in yoast of courseare not used can we influence whatmessenger uses as meta textyeah so i was just researching this
in the pastumso i was messaging jono with some linksand it doesn’t work right nownowthere’s a whole lot of stuff going onwithfacebook and messenger and expandingurls and not expanding urls andall sorts of stuffaround that that i i don’t really knowwhy this isn’t working the weird thingis
yeahsoit it it reallyi really don’t get itand umi don’t know you know what it is i knowwhat it is it’s the european legal thingthe trip to south yeah that’s what i wasthinking about but yeah why then does itwork on whatsapp just becausethey haven’t wellso there’s there is a a bit ofcontroversy and nonsense around
being able to expand stuff from a siteonfacebook andwe’ll write an article about this it’sboring legal that’s the euprivacy legal google facebook thing andit’s messy but yeah we’ll get to thebottom of itwe we will look at iti was actually thank you for thequestion because i actually thought thisworked and i now know that it doesn’tand i will get to the bottom of this
places at facebook and we should be ableto get to the bottom of thisi also really like how you said this isreally boring i’ll write a post about itlike no one’s gonna read that if youadvertise it like this is that sometimeswriting a post triggers people actuallyfixing stuffright all rightumso uh gia who has been very activeasking questions today has another onethat got quite a few upvotes
importance to seodefinitely one for you yoast what withyou owning the the ultimate guide to allthings image seo posts thatstill kicks around why why do i own thatarticle can’t i just rename that nookay so um there’s a whole bunch ofreasons why images are important to yourseo umto begin witha lot of people search in image searchand and having your images show up thereproperly
it drives a lot of trafficand the funny thing is if you don’t useimmatures a lot yourselftry doing that every once in a while ifyou’re searching for a product try andsearching for an image of a productthere’s this is actually a very good wayof searching for stuff in google thesedays so that’s one reasonthe second reason has nothing to do withseo and everything to do withaccessibilityif you want people all over the web to
images and if theythe image it helps if you describe itfor themif you’re trying toreach a bigger audience improving youraccessibility is one of the things thatyou should basically always doso um yeahthat is basically thati thinkjonoi’m here i’ve just had a little bit ofan internet blip but i’m still here oh
don’t know what went wrongi’m good nowall rightum so let me quickly searchfor a question that you are going toloveis gutenberg better than say elementoryes[Laughter]and i love my friends at elementorwelli love maybe a strong wordi really do like them
but umi do think gutenberg is betterum so um yeahtherethere is a lot of reasons for that butin the long run i think thatthe platform that all of wordpress usesand that we all develop on togetheris always going to be better thansomething built by an individual companyespecially as they’re having to buildlayers and layers on top of and aroundwhat wordpress does in the core that’s
expensiveso stripping all that away and havingsomething that isbuilt for purpose right in the core isgoing to be much betterall rightum that means that i can skip a similarquestion about divi because that willhave the very same answerabsolutely yeahum sothenamanda asks us a question and i actually
the q a sectionumshe says i’m super new to this how can itell if our site was created with blocksthat’s a good question um if you open itinwordpressumi’m trying to figure out what would bethe best way of looking at this if youif when you open it in wordpress youhave awhite
you’re probably in the block editorbut god this is actually a harder toanswer questions i guess the other wayis easier if you can rule out thatyou’re running the classic editor pluginand if you go into a postand it doesn’t sayconvert this to blocksthen you’re probably already usingblocksyeah there ought would be some kind oflogo shouldn’t know at the bottomyeah so i think that one of the things
seo academy because we have a very nicecourse on the block editorand that willshow you what it looks likeand how to use ityeah it’s actually very good andfreethat is important as well yes well it’snot important it’s actually not good fora wallet but it’s good for yousure it makes it also easier to sendpeople toand that is very true
because it isalready umtime and we’re going to skip the whydidn’t taco become a comedian uhquestion because there’s no good answerto thatum[Music]butthere’s a question on the gallery changewill that happen automatically when 5.9comesooh it’s a block so it probably won’t
galleries you might need to go in andclick around a bit to transform them ohit’s a bit hard to say with blocks isn’tit some of them can automatically updatesome of them break horrendously whenthat when they don’tum it’s worth looking into we shouldfind out yeah you probably need tochange them over manuallyi i don’t think that will addimports from other plugins to agutenberg block that would be a newthing to do for uh for
so now you’ll need to change themmanually but it it does look like thatgallery block is something that we willall have a lot of fun playing withyeahit’s such a common use case isn’t itright i want to display a grid of sixphotos but i want to change the sizesslightly and maybe want to pop up andyeah yeahall right so we’ll be able to demo it ina futurewebinar for sure um for today i want to
the full hour because this is probablythe longest uh we went on umat the bottom of your screen is theregister for our next webinar button andat the top you can follow yoast oncrowdcastif you want to see more of usyou can join us at wordcamp us whichwill be happening online this fridayso october 1st check out us.wordcamp.organd we hope to see you there as wellhave a good day

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