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In this short video you get thesearch engine optimization quickly andeasily and, above all, in a beginner-friendly way, he explains so thatyou just know how you can getsearchengine optimization or SEO more visitors and thus generate more leads, customer orders, sales and so onand a warmwelcome my name is friedrich andhere on wp success you can find out how youcan create professional websites with many visitors yesi started many years ago at the age of sevenand in fact it worked really well on
website, my first real website, and you can find itactually until today on theonly google site i have just made theright setting and haveoptimized this site correctly seoand as I said in this video timeexactly how thesearch engine optimization works +i will show you important seo factors thatyou un you should know conditionally and at the endyou will also get a very, very importantthing that now at the end you will also be
absolutely have to avoid yes, we’llsee you now after the intro let’s govery cool that you stuck with itnow briefly just an overview of whatis to be expected in this video you will findall the individual points individualsections these videos are also lost againbelow in the videodescription so in the first step you arenow exactly what is so there is also asuper simple definition that everyonedoes not understand Somehow such a lexicondefinition that you first have to
terms but of coursesuper simplethen I’ll show you the importantfactors he the three factors thatreally matter when you do SEO sosearch engine optimizationand then showed three fatalities errors thatyou should absolutely avoid and at theend showed so-called ar stillthe best way to start todayif that sounds good to you then nikelikes the video gives you astrong thumb up yes also hears
and you take it happily so I’m happy about the like and if youno guiding principle also totally okay yesand of coursesubscribe to the channel if you want to see more videos on the topic ofseo and so on and ofcourse activate the bell becauseotherwise there can be things that youmiss an important video so westart right away by whatexactly is seo or search engine optimization so we already noticeda search engine optimization is alsooften so called seo simply comes from
engine optimization in german search engine optimizationwhat is now thesearch engine optimization in the endexactly now it is quite simply said allthose things that you take so yourwebsite better in google or is foundin a search engine yeswe naturally focus on googlebecause a large part or 8 85 to 90percent of the search queries come about itso, as I said, super simple tosearch engine optimization,all the things that you take with
at least if you don’t define it very simply there are alsotwo important subspecies you can find thenumbers from search engine optimizationanna it is the so-called off page seeand that of page sie what that isagain very, very simple only becausethe terms sound a bit complicatedbut actually it’s super simpleonpage seo is ultimately everything you domost on your website so ifyou create anytechnical settings on your
-called on-page optimization, so onlythe name already says onpage so on thepage off page optimization tion these aresimply all the things that you do outside ofthe website so that it can be found moreeasily.These include, above all, theso-called backlinkson social media of your website suchthings are just part of it if that is partlyon social media you also put in thebacklink but now it doesn’t matter itso it is very fundamental tosearch engine optimization so that it has
a short example So suppose I’ll be a dog coach, for example, yes, which Iam not but is just an exampleand I would like to win more customers nowthen we think so haye ofcourse relies on seo becauseI can winreally highly qualified customers through search engine optimizationthen I take a look before what arepeople looking for so on googlewhy willich be found where does it makessense if people somehowenter book dog training,
that, for example, ifI only have dog trainers from berlin,for example who try thesearch terms out what I want to be foundfor, and write blog articles aboutthese search terms or createpages for them search terms orcreate product pages and optimizethis for google and thensee that I can be found with thisblog articles and times for the correspondingsearch terms,best of course on page one in first place
345 are usually always stillvery, very goodpage 2 is of course not so greatif you end up there because about14 percent of the users there are still depending on thestudy, this value is sometimessignificantly lower what isreally important when you dosearch engine optimization whenyou operate what had to pay attention tothere ss you use 20 percent of your time as best as possiblefor 80 percent of the resultsthese are in the end three things you
say: the structure ofa website, yes, the technical seo thatis really extremely important howwe will go into more detail in a moment Asecond point that you have to pay closeattention tois simply the content oris the content on your website yesor that you fulfill thisintention of the user it means thatif theuser enters a certain search term at some pointNormally he has some problem and
with your site, so first of all, structureand technical theo it really comes downto content and content hasreally become very, very important, itused to be not that important, you have tosay, and super important things arealways there are still backlinks so there arelinks from other pages that are onyour side We will also go intomore detail right away so that everyoneunderstandsit.These are really the threemain areas that you
one of the best ways to start directlywith SEO before I go intomore detailyou can find it in the videodescription for links justclick on the first link if you reallywant to understand in a short timeto be able to achieve really top resultsjust click on the first linkso we go on so andAlthough look at the pointstructure or technicalseo exactly what is meant by that, now
technical optimizationoptions of your website, this includes, forexample, the page structure, so how isyour website structurally structured,that is about those topics like silopages for example and similar thingsright now but not far itwould go too deepto look at everything in ourpremium seo program that will appear soon,maybe has already appeared dependingon what you look at then anotherimportant technical seo point is
the ssl encryption of your websitethis is also an important factorthat belongs to the technical museum, which isimportant for the security of a websiteyou should have anyway, also because of thedsgv your website shouldbe ssl encrypted orconverted to https internallinks arealso a very important part of the structurepoint that you very manyneglect although this can be extremelypowerful so internal
link toother blog articles on your website, for example, in your blog articles,they should be topics relevantor thematicallymatch, yes mobile optimization is ofcourse also so one very typicaltechnical point your mobile phone shoulddefinitely also be well optimized forthe mobile phone say here also a little fun fact at theedge if a website is not well optimized for the mobile phonethen it’s a shamethat your rankings on the desktopso yes you have to of course also such
that is also part of this so because paidcontent is simply duplicate contentshould is my very simple said nottocopy any other site sometime, so someday othersite you already found google willnot copy the content because youpaste it or something a nonsense there is ofcourse very dangerous that isnothing and will be punishedor on your own side youshould not repeat too much content over andover again yes exactly and many
that are a few simply as an examplecontinue with points 2 contentor content your websiteas I said it with alwaysyes more and more simply play a leading roleat seo insearch engine optimization and yes in the end there isa matter of optimizing your content ona websiteand creating new content thatoptimizes it, for exampleblog articles good product times goodsales pages that can be banked and
this content created you should ofcourse always fit a topicshould be logical that you justdeal withthis point on your website that comes now veryimportant that I see with so manybeginners and that’s just becauseyou burn so much time that Isn’t there really particularly importantthat you write your articles with specialkeywords what do I mean by thatexample so after many who Iwrite just like that they think
today I also wantto write something about the topicyes but have notat all looked whether people at all after this topic see below chenif anyone is interested at all andso on yes that’s why and that’s soimportant you always look first heywhat are the people inmy industry in my subject areayes it is exactly how many are lookingfor it you can do that with kugelntools google keyword plans car enemieswhatever in many cool tools
and then write down exactly to thepixel search term, especially as it is verysimple and writean article for this search term that is betterthan the previous articlealso google gives this search intentionsolves that is behind this search termbehind every search term there issomehowintention there is for a certainreason get a dog house-trained soif the keyword is alreadyget house-trained
reason in that case wouldprobably like to have step-by-stepinstructions such as e To get it done as quicklyand easily as possible[music]exactly as I said, very importantwrite articles about keywords anddon’t seem to just start thinking about sometopic fashion didn’t even thinkabout whethersomeone looking for it with the eight would be looking for it otherwiseyou will You burn time, I put it like thatand so you can save a lot of time
have to proceed exactly againalso in the new one, we have to bevery clear because it is soimportant that one with that most importantfulfills the search intentions of theuseryes also the length of the contentso the length of your contributions has become veryimportant yes so there is avery cool, renowned study bybacklinks by brian that has justclearly shown the haye article thatabout 2000 words
Use rich content so that meansyou also h videos pictures and so onon the one hand packs not just textbecause the people are lazy to read I sayand then want should be appealinghe doesn’t have it somehow you open such alexicon or soclearly one or the other determines wikipediabut that is Another thingis I say but reallylook here that you embed images, media graphics, quotes and so onis sometimes very good if you do that
a placement in googlenext point of the backlinks yesbacklinks then ibriefly discussed what is thatexactlyyes your website has abacklink if another website links to your siteyes super easy in theend the example is accepted there issome wikipedia article on the subject ofdogs for example now linkedthis wikipedia article on ourdog website yes then our dog
wikipedia and that’s just not goodbecausewe have a lot of trust then yes sowikipedia is a well-known site,google has a lot of trust in thissite and will also be part ofthis site if google thinks so forgoogle there is such a link as Sucha source in the end yes and ifgoogle now sees okay the pda hasour page as a source or has justlinked us then google was okay ifif wikipedia links to us
wikipedia is renowned and so and thataccordingly have top sources bealways so close and that is why wehave trust, of course, this exampleiswe are grumpy say thatyou from wikipedia is a backlink orso war is very difficult in each otherthere were strategies and howto get that can and so but yes exactlyso if your site has a lot of goodbacklinks it means a lot of good linksfrom other sites then of course Of course your site is
is what made google sosuccessful that is what sets google apart from othersearch engines, which is why thegoogle search results are simplybetter than the results of othersearchengines because this link is because this linkimport all of them into the algorithmand yes that is why it is stillvery important to stay tuned becauseI will now go into three typicalmistakes that manybeginners make in search engine optimization,
mentioned that, but the world is so importantnow so important is another oneso be close see article your pagesare not optimized for keywords sothat’s really such a fatal mistakewhen people just thinki just write a bit oftext to it just somehow random textalso pop the page or something diarymoderate or so yes that just won’twork onieren 2020 that mightwork ten years ago butnowadays not
just addressed a little searchintention is not fulfilled thatyou really have to make sure that you fulfillthe search intentions of the user here really very well,less or double contentthis is also a typical mistake,especially little content that peoplesomehow publish in the article itnow has two 300 words and they hopeto be found ingoogle it can work for some thingsbut normally not thenmaybe another one Another point that
or two more points on thesubject of backlinks well there are ofcourse many sources of error so thesebacklinks are also so that todayyou can see that you somehowmanage to set abacklink somewhere, so something knows Iused to be like that, for examplemade that you wrote such a comment ona website andthen linked your website thereyou simply said and then he linkedthis page where you wrote the
website because you have thelink there in this one put a commentand so you got a backlink backthen and so there are manysources of error so just thatsomehow you get a lot of links from not so high-qualitypages or that yousimply have a completely natural linkprofile that means that you have wateror that you somehow in one day 30backlinks have never receivedone or something like that, of course google notices thatyes the ball thinks then
somehow tricks so that the pagecomes up in google and that will ofcourse then yes rather punished andhas rather negative consequences so of course you have to becareful that you do everythingright a more often The mistakeis that the factors are nottaken into account stands for expertise fromtea & trust, so expertise authority andtrust, especially in new money july,flows into niches or industries where money is concerned, finances,prosperity, health and so on, google is particularly critical there
now displayed on page 1,sometimes because even employeeslook at the results, so youreally have to make sure that you have the trustworthy side and that you pay attention tothese expertise tea & trust factorsbecause I am now also inthis video not exactly thatwould go too deepnow how can you best start nowso if you think now hey ho seo itis simply a mega possibility asnot yet completely convinced of seeand that is actually all that brings me
channel that you can find in the top right corneryou can find the linked lookDo that absolutely but if you should say nowit is so clear that youshould definitely bet on victory sothat’s great for localcompanies for coaches trainersconsultants you have to say very clearly but alsoin every other niche so yes, I amthree himself a lot of time, for example, inevery industry can use it soat least I don’t know a single industry whereyou can’t use it so really
in the comments if you are unsurewhether this is also possible for you in yourindustry but of course yes because industriesonly emerge because there is a demand for anyproduct yes and ifthere is a demand for any productthen google is also searched for andthen you can also do seo sohow can you best startjust go to the link gp-success sd 1then you end up with a cool freeresource fromus get the whole thing for free the whole year I
want to understand seo faster andwant to achieve real results, above all, we haveboth helped quite a lot of peoplewith success when it comes to topics such as seowebsite creation, etc. sodon’t miss it, asI said,advertising is free, yes meThank you for watching the video,the suitcase has helped her a lot, of course, as I said, well, I would be very happy about a like anda subscription, of course, if I am of
fine and wish you adreamy one day and of course I hope thatwe will see each other soon in anothervideo, good luck because frederic j

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