How To Customize Money Robot SEO Submitter Software To Improve Results In Your Campaigns

Video will show you the money robot SEO software and how to improve your results in your campaigns by doing a little customizing

Here is the code I was talking about in the video. The top part is some short sentences to the key work. Example: I recommend this product (keyword) Money Robot. You can spintix them like below.

The next section URL Single <a href=”url”> or it could be Multiple <a href=”url|url|url”> or No Follow<a href=”URL” rel=”nofollow”>

The keywords are shown below.

{I recommend this spinner|Need a lot of articles, click here|Don’t spend money on content when you can do it for free|Try our free trial|Get a free 5-day trial|Want a free 5-day trial| I used this spinner you’ll love it|Free Download|Free software|Free version now|Check out this demo|Check out this review|Try this walkthrough|Great product} <a href=”URL”> {keyword1|keyword2|keyword3}</a>

If you want to center the whole page put this at the beginning of the page <center> and put this at the end of the page </center>

Put this in a text file like NotePad++ so you can replace keywords or URLs with your information

Before you put your article in the first time put the code in money Robot and preview it and make sure it works.

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