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Today I am going to explain Money Robot categories and how to use them.

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Now let’s get back to it…

The correct way to do it right is to have a category for each page on your website.

Not a general category like “health”

We are going to drill down on the keyword/category

So an example will help us get the point across.

Your website is about fruit.

Your articles are about apples, Oranges, and Pears.

Applies will get a category
Oranges will get a category
Pears will get a category

This makes this super relevant.

That means we will do 8-10 campaigns using 1>3>12 diagrams for apples
Also, 8-10 campaigns using 1>3>12 diagrams for Oranges
And 8-10 campaigns using 1>3>12 diagrams for Pears

When we have 1000 accounts we can start reusing the accounts this builts up authority to your blogs.

The accounts you made for apples, you will do another 8 to 10 campaigns reusing the accounts with a higher competition diagram
same for oranges, and pears

That category & accounts for apples is only used for that page and no other campaigns.
Let’s be clear and say that again.
That category & accounts for apples is only used for that page and no other campaigns.

Some other campaigns you can run are, taking 20 URLs from a campaign you have done and making them the money site, and building out more campaigns doing that over and over.
But Again Only use the apple category for the same URLs meaning the apple campaign you did you would take those URLs and use the apple category for those.

You want your blog about one thing apples not apples, oranges, and pears.

After every 5 campaigns when you are reusing the accounts you should create a campaign with new accounts.

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Ok, let’s show you the 1,3,12 (diagram). How to find it and what it looks like. So you can get started today. Here it is this is what you will be using for the first 8 to 10 campaigns when you start your new accounts.

Here’s what you need to do to make a category. Click the account button again if you don’t see it right-click and click advanced. Then Click the new category. Then type in the category name and click ok.
Then when you want to use it there is a drop-down click the account you want and if you want to create new accounts make sure the top dropdown says that. If you want to reuse your account pick that from the dropdown and that’s it.

Now let me show you where the accounts are and how to check them. If you don’t see the accounts right-click the mouse and click advanced it should come up. Very Easy
Now let me show you how to find your accounts and how many you have. To the right is a dropdown with all the different categories. On the left side, it shows you how many per category.

Here is where the URLs are stored after a campaign is complete you can take 20 URLs and add them into the money site URL box at the top. Run a bunch of campaigns. This will build authority for your blogs. I also think it helps with indexing. You can click the copy button and put them in a text file.

Go to My Accounts, here on the left-hand side, you will see the total of all the accounts you have made.
On the right side, you can see your accounts per category, click on the drop-down, pick the category you want, and look to the left, and it will show you the accounts you have made for that category.

Here’s how to find your URLs from other campaigns.
I will use the example go to the apple campaign, and click URLs click the button to copy them all, and put them in a text file, do as I told you at the beginning of the video, take 20 URLs and use your apple category accounts, and run a campaign.
This will build more authority for your blogs.

Bonus For Staying To the end If You
Rank YouTube Videos You Want to treat
each Video as Its Own Category
Video 1 Apples
Video 2 Oranges
Video 3 Pears For Example

You have the knowledge now to make accounts, categories, you know which diagram to start with, how to run campaigns, and reuse categories. Plus how to build authority by using the URLs from previously run campaigns.If you found this content helpful subscribe, like, share and comment. Don’t forget to check out the description for some helpful links, and if you don’t have Money Robot check out the link below. See You Soon

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