Video Ranking Backlinks Using Money Robot SEO Submitter Software For Best Results

This video with show you how to rank videos using money robot SEO submitter software

The most important thing Optimize the Video.

This will make or break your video rankings. No SH*t

There is no tool in the world that can help you if you don’t do this right so if you don’t know how to do optimization go to another one of my sites and check out this post.

Hope I got that across to you and how important it can be.

You can follow this video and use Money Robot SEO submitter software and rank your video pretty easily.

I do not use generic keywords when I do videos on Monet Robot for YouTube.

You will have to make up your own mind about that.

If you are really into ranking videos the Money Robot SEO software can really help you not only for YOUTUBE but for Google too.

But I also have been using another serious awesome tool too.

It has a free trial too.

I always try to get my customers free trials so you can try it first but this software is bad to the bone.

There is a problem for this to work you have to buy private proxies and 2captcha and you get 300 credits for 7 days.

The software is free you are buying credits for the views.

Get this, other people are going to help you with their proxies and you will help them so not everything comes from your proxies.

Here is a coupon for squid proxies if you need them (BHWPROMO 30% off)

Get Squid Private Proxies here.

2Captcha is one other thing you will need to make this work. I put in 10 bucks and it lasts me months and I hit hard and use it on 2 YouTube accounts so just put in a bare minimum. Same with the proxy’s bare minimum.

You can get 2Captcha here.

I can talk for hours about this and how great it is and I use it every day 24/7.

I will do a post about this product called Serpattack but for now, check it out here.

Upsell number#2 is another tool you should get.

It is called leadblasta this will help you build a list with ease.

Maybe this is the first time you have seen or heard of me and I’m telling you to go buy something.

I have been around for a while and you can check me out on YouTube I use these tools and get results and just try to help you in return.

Sure I will make a few bucks but helping you get some results is priceless.

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